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All registration is done online.  Click on the "Registration" link above.  Registration ends on 1/15/15.

Divisions:  (all ages are determined based on how old they are on April 30, 2015)  
3-4U T-Ball  (no scores league) 
5U Soft Toss (no scores league) 
6U Coach Pitch (players get 5 pitches and can swing at all 5)  
7U & 8U Coach Pitch (standard coach pitch rules)  
9U Blended Kid Pitch (no walks or steals)  
10U, 11U, 12U & 13U Kid Pitch (standard kid pitch)

Season begins in February 21, 2015

We want all the kids to play with their friends and/or school classmates, so make sure you fill those items out on the registration form. 

Spring Baseball Academy $189

        AGES:    5-10 years old 
    STARTS:    Feb 16th  (6 weeks), Monday nights, 5:30-7:30pm
This is a 6 week long camp on Monday nights.  Area high school coaches & baseball pros will run drills & scrimmages.  This academy gives the players an opportunity to work with knowledgeable coaches.  They will not only break down the HOW to do a specific skill, but the WHY.  Many young players look for short cuts - once they understand the WHY it makes the game easier.  We want to eliminate any of the bad habits before they start.  Great work out to compliment your practice schedule.  Registration ends 2/8/15.

Looking for a select baseball team?  

9U, 10U, & 14U   Jon Degenaro


11U & 13U Lynx Select  Darrell Garcia   

10U Elite  Joe Aulbert -    Ron Phelan –      

12U Premier Sam Sheldon

13U  Elite    Trey South

13U Select     Joe Sherman


The LYNX Baseball Organization has seen great success last season!  Great coaches are working with all 10 teams.  For more information about the program and to find out about new teams forming for 2015, email

LOOKING FOR YOUR SPRING PREP TEAM??  High school prep games are at the park Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 6 & 8pm.

The prep season begins in early February 2015.  The season wraps up before the players get into the busy select tournament season.  (All these kids are still on their select teams.) The prep teams give the players a chance to meet other kids they will be going to school with while giving the coaches a chance to see them play.  These schools all have 8th grade prep teams and some have 7th grade prep teams.  Please contact the coaches directly for their tryout schedule.  Most are doing tryouts in December.  If you have a 12 or 13 year old please reach out to these coaches as they can give you information about their summer programs and websites.

Klein Oak Prep Team  incoming fall 2015 freshmen

Mitch Moon

Klein High Prep Team incoming fall 2015 freshmen

Ronnie Anderson

Klein Collins Prep Team incoming fall 2015 freshmen

Alan Dick

Tomball Memorial Prep team incoming fall 2015 Freshmen

Mark Kirkgessner

Klein Forest Prep Team incoming fall 2015 freshmen

Patrick Davis

Concordia High School Prep Team incoming fall 2015 Freshmen

Marlon Doerre


6U =>  "A": HONEY BADGERS                             "B": STORM


7U =>  Champs: WHITESOX   


8U =>  Champs: HURRICANES

9U =>  "A" Bracket Champs: DRIVE                            "B" Bracket Champs: ASTROS

10U =>  Champs: FIGHTING IRISH



Honeybadgers (A)                                                                         TBA (B)


BULLS (A)                                   TBA (B)


ROCKHOUNDS (A)                     MARLINS (B)


SEMINOLES (A)                                                                    NITRO (B)       



FIGHTING IRISH (A)                                                            GATORS (B)


TIGERS (A)                                                  ANGELS (B)

   Schedule sync -  There are 3 ways parents can view the schedule and their field locations.  A)  go to "Standings" tab and click their team name  B) go to the "Calendar" tab and select the date and see everything going on at the park that day   C) subscribe to your team.    Schedule Sync is where you can select your team name and click subscribe - and you are done.  All your team info will be sent to Outlook, any calendar program, or your phone.  This is an excellent way you can keep up with the team throughout the year.  Anything that changes on the master schedule is automatically updated on your calendar.   Go to this link and in 2 clicks all games are on your device.   This is a very cool ap and you will like it.

    Twitter and Facebook - We use these aps to get information out quickly.   We will post rain outs, game info, and photos of teams here.  With twitter, set it up where the tweet is sent to your phone as a text. This way you will know immediately of a status change to the games.  EX: You are on a sales call in the galleria and the weather is fine there. However, raining in Klein.  You will get a tweet about the game.  This is a very fast mass texting system we use.   Facebook is meant for the kids and parents to use to highlight their players accomplishments.  Pass along any info and we will get it up.    I have attached a twitter how to guide which makes it very easy to create an account. Please make sure you have the TFL tweets go to your cell phone as a text. ////



ABBEY RAE PHOTOGRAPHY has been very busy taking pics at the baseball games!!! You are invited to view photographs from "The Farm League Baseball." This is a new site and hopefully easier to navigate. If you would like to order prints, click the BUY button while looking at the photos you like. You can crop each photo to customize your order! Thank you for looking. See you all on the baseball field.

Isaac Sanchez - Abbey Rae Photography



=> LYNX 14u

* Logan Patterson * Bryson Powers * Jake Thompson *
* Cade Phelan * Mason Moszkowicz * Conner Baumann *
* Ryan Gryder * Conner Parkinson *Chase Cos * Josh Wallace *

=> LYNX 14u won the Baseball USA Tournament on February 25th! (pictured below)


Congrats to the 8u Lynx ! They got 2nd in the Baseball USA tournament "War of the Warriors" March 2-3 => 4 games on Sunday and lost to the top team by 1 run. Over the past 2 months the coaches of this team have done a great job. The team has dramatically improved, the kids are playing outstanding baseball and like all Lynx teams the parents are having as much fun in the bleachers as the kids are in the dug out . Keep it up coach Phelan and Aulbert !!

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January 29, 2014
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Latest news and information about the MBL

Yahoo Sports - MLB News

Latest news and information about the MLB.
  • The White Sox were looking to add versatility to their lineup, so they decided to bring back infielder Gordon Beckham after trading him last season. Beckham agreed to a $2 million, one-year contract with Chicago, which cleared a roster spot by designating outfielder Dayan Viciedo for assignment on Wednesday. General manager Rick Hahn wanted to give manager Robin Ventura more options. Signing Gordon is another step in that direction.'' Beckham has spent almost all of his six big league seasons with the White Sox, who traded him to the Los Angeles Angels on Aug. 21.

  • ATLANTA (AP) -- Cuban outfielder Dian Toscano and the Atlanta Braves have agreed to a $6 million, four-year contract
  • A person familiar with the negotiations tells The Associated Press that third baseman David Freese has avoided arbitration with the Los Angeles Angels, agreeing to a one-year deal for $6.425 million. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity Wednesday because the Angels have not announced the move. Freese batted .260 in his first season with the Angels, getting off to a weak start in his first AL season before finishing with 10 homers and 55 RBIs. He filled a long-standing hole at third base for the Angels, who finished with the majors' best record and won the AL West title.

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Spring Baseball & Softball registration is OPEN3-14u baseball leagues and high school prep signups are done on the registration link. Season begins Feb 20, 2015. Come as a single or as a team in the boys or girls leagues

All teams are formed by friend request & school . Our goal is for the kids to play with their friends and classmates





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