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Tryouts will be Saturday January 21, 2017 @ 6:00 on field #4 at  The Famr League Park 

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7th and 8th grade prep league tryouts.


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For organization questions please email Jon DeGennaro at (281) 224-2927 or email

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4U - high school prep baseball below.

WE have by far the best group of coaches in Houston. The ones below were voted on by their peers as the coach of the year. Not off wins and loses, but how they work with their kids and interact with coaches & parents.

They exemplify the motto "Its time to give the game BACK to the players" 

Congratulations to all coaches and staffs!

1st  Coach Santoro  Wolverines
2nd  Coach Bennett  Yankees
3rd Coach Williams  Bulldogs 

1st  Coach Beier  Clemson Tigers
2nd    4 way tie!!
2nd  Coach Hardy  Wildcats 
2nd Coach Williams  Aggies
2nd   Coach O’Brien  Lake Monsters
2nd   Coach Trahan  Wolverines

1st Coach Patanella  Cubs
2nd  Coach Nails  A’s
3rd  TIE
3rd  Coach Hughes & Ruchti  Rattlers
3rd  Coach Blackmon  Yellowjackets 

1st Coach O’Brien  Lake Monsters
2nd Coach Jacobson Yard Goats
3rd Coach Kelm  Cubs

1st Coach Jacobson  Phillies
2nd Coach West Dodgers 
3rd TIE 
3rd Coach Chamberlin Nationals 
3rd Coach Grimes Royals

1st TIE 
1st Coach Brandt  Whitesox
1st Coach Faldyn Dodgers 
2nd Coach Sulin Rockies
3rd Coach Paul  Pirates

1st TIE
1st  Coach Davis 379ers 
1st Coach Van Horn  Giants 
2nd Coach Clay  Brewers
3rd Coach Ridgely Red Raiders 

1st TIE
1st  Coach White Cardinals 
1st Coach Anderson Rangers
2nd Coach Older Redsox
3rd Coach Garcia  Dodgers 

1st Coach Hewlett Tomball Memorial
2nd Coach Fisher  Klein
3rd Coach Cones Tomball high 

Baseball Spring 2016

7U Division- Yard Goats Champions!!

7U B Bracket Champs!! - Lake Monsters

8U Division- Force Champions!!

Spring 2016 Baseball Champions - Rangers 70'


6U Division

A Champs - The Riverbandits

B Champs- The Gamblers

7U Division

A Champs- The Raptors

B Champs- The Avengers

8U Division

A Champs- The Wranglers

B Champs- The Gunners

9U Division

Champs- Iron Pigs

10U Division

A Champs- The Angels

B Champs- The Braves

Congrats to all teams!  Thanks for a great season!!

Spring Baseball 2016 Updates 

**Lake Monsters and Yard Goats getting along.


Astros 9u & 7u- 3/6/16

**The 9U Astros are off to a great start this season with a 2-0-1 record led by the pitching of Samuel DuRard, Brady McGarr and Will Cobb.  They have been able to keep the batters off balance and give the bats of Cayde King, Diego Vasquez and Brayden Hurst a chance to add runs to win the game. Bryce Efird has done a remarkable job this season making the move to 1st Base and has come up with 5 Put outs and several assists, including a diving grab today.  Ryan Cook, Parker Burdine, Matthew Brown and Andrew Morris have provided a strong outfield support as well as a game ball grabbed today by Ryan for a key hit and scoring a run from 1st, sealing the win for the Astros.   Go stros!!

**The 7U Astros logged their first win of the season today against the Marlins, after two tough losses to the league leaders.  The Astros were led by the strong bats of Eric Heineman, hitting a Homerun to the fence today,  Caden Hale, Cullen McGarr and Ryan Karlik.   These four boys combined for 15 hits today. The defense has been led by the strong play of Jake Winsky and brother Justin Winsky, providing a strong up the middle combination.  Adam Carter is taking a liking to handling the behind the plate duties, and broke out today offensively with 3 hits.  Tristan Martinez, Cannon Powell, Hudson Cobb and Charlie Cook have been providing support in many areas, ensuring a well rounded team effort.  The Stros have put up some good runs this season and will be rolling into the next games with momentum.  Go Stros!

   Schedule sync -  There are 3 ways parents can view the schedule and their field locations.  A)  go to "Standings" tab and click their team name  B) go to the "Calendar" tab and select the date and see everything going on at the park that day   C) subscribe to your team.    Schedule Sync is where you can select your team name and click subscribe - and you are done.  All your team info will be sent to Outlook, any calendar program, or your phone.  This is an excellent way you can keep up with the team throughout the year.  Anything that changes on the master schedule is automatically updated on your calendar.   Go to this link and in 2 clicks all games are on your device.   This is a very cool ap and you will like it.

    Twitter and Facebook - We use these aps to get information out quickly.   We will post rain outs, game info, and photos of teams here.  With twitter, set it up where the tweet is sent to your phone as a text. This way you will know immediately of a status change to the games.  EX: You are on a sales call in the galleria and the weather is fine there. However, raining in Klein.  You will get a tweet about the game.  This is a very fast mass texting system we use.   Facebook is meant for the kids and parents to use to highlight their players accomplishments.  Pass along any info and we will get it up.    I have attached a twitter how to guide which makes it very easy to create an account. Please make sure you have the TFL tweets go to your cell phone as a text. ////