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I/we am / are the parent, guardian, or custodial person of the above child, in consideration the he/she may participate in football activitiesl with the Farm League and the Quarterback ranch In the event that my/our child should become injured while he/she is engaged in football activities, I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities and do herby waive, release, absolve, and agree to hold harmless the Farm League, its officers, directors, managers, coaches, trainers, assistant directors, game officials, sponsors, supervisors, Spring/Klein/Tomball/ CyFair schools, attending physicians, Quarterback Ranch and any person transporting youth to and from any Farm League activity for any claim arising out of injury or for the administration or failure to administer first aid and or medical attention. 

Secondly should my child become injured and I/we are not present and cannot be immediately contacted I/we herby appoint as legal guardian the Farm League for the limited purpose of defining, determining the necessity of and authorizing such medical attention or treatment as they deem appropriate. I/we herby release said officials from any and all liability, claim, or cause of action arising out of the good faith exercise of the power granted by this authorization. 

Please provide the following medical information. In the event that your child should require treatment in your absence. The Farm League will attempt to obtain medical treatment from the doctor or facility you designate, if in their judgment, circumstances allow them to do so.

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