7 On 7



TOURNAMENTS:  Texas Elite 7 on 7 will be running 3 tournaments here. March 4, April 8, May 6. http://www.texaselite7on7.org/   Additionally the John Brown high school SQT tournament will be at the park in June 2017. Texas Elite hosts many tounraments a year in Dallas. Two of these are in Dallas Cowboys stadium.  We are excited to bring them to Houston.

The Farm League, Cy Fair football and Katy football will be hosting tournament this spring.  In addition we will have IMG academy tournaments at the park.

None of these tournaments will require a helmet for any age.  Unfortunately some tournaments are requiring parents to buy helmets to play in their events. The reality is they get a % back on all helmets sold. If a tournament group truly cared about the kids wearing helmets they would provide them for all teams playing in the event as parents may use this a couple times a year. They don't because they want to sell more of them. There is more contact in soccer than 7 on 7. In our opinion to many groups are feeding off a fear to make money. What they will actually find is when you put a helmet on someone, any collisions will be much more violent because the players have a helmet on and think they are protected.   Soccer & rugby do not wear them and we do not in our leagues either.