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Hall of Fame

The coaches listed on this HALL OF FAME page are the ones inducted for this sport. Please see other pages for other inductees for those sports.   BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, 7 ON 7, HURRICANES

The Farm League FOOTBALL coaches HALL OF FAME

We have had thousands of dads or moms coach and volunteer their time since the league began in 2005 . Every one has done this to help the kids and give them a good head start in sports. A few have coached numerous teams and have done an exceptional job. We will be honoring coaches every year . These coaches are in the Hall of fame for the coaching either baseball, football, or softball. Some retired years ago , but others may be on the field with you coaching a 3rd son in the league.

Coaches are not selected off of just wins and loses . Their commitment to the players, ability to work with other coaches, interaction with parents and officials, and their ability to COACH kids. Each year a small group will be inducted.

With each HOF coach we will list their teams and give you an insight into their philosophy of youth sports. If your a new dad of a 6 year old and just getting into what can be a crazy part of your life , youth sports, the advice from these men is invaluable in helping you decide what is best for your child and a team you may be just starting to coach.

Click the coaches name for information about their teams and their goals in youth sports