Flag Football


TFL has meant a lot to our family. It has been a primary base of friendships for our children and for us since the day it began and has continued every year through to today. The original farm league teams we played with are still most of the core group of friends we spend time with today, both for us as parents, and our kids. Great times, great memories... that is what it is all about. Sometimes we get way too wrapped up in the competitiveness and it takes the proper focus to pull it back to what really matters, for the kids to have a great time, in an environment that teaches the fundamentals of the game, along with the key fundamental behaviors to hopefully guide the kids through to their teen and adult years.

Our journey started with the Muckdogs in the inaugural Farm League season. Those were the best baseball years of all. The Muckdogs continued from that inaugural year through to 12u when I had to hand the coaching baton to someone else and just be dad to my son. That began a different journey that helped us realize how special those Muckdog / Farm League years were. We didn't have any bickering or fussy parents. We played all the kids equal time and spread them out amongst many positions, and let them all try just about anything. The way the Farm League rules were built did wonderful things to really help the boys learn the game, and learn the importance of teamwork. They weren't all stars, but they were all-stars. Many of them are still playing now into high school.

The flag football was also fabulous and is a must even though the kids will also want to play tackle. Both are fun. But flag football will be something they will be able to enjoy for a much longer period of time.

Lastly I'm now in a different gear, which is back to the younger ages and now its girls! The girls softball program has been a great experience and something the girls have loved! In only 2 years they have improved tremendously and love the game. Same with flag football. And it is ironic how the original friendships from baseball 10 years ago are still there, and new fresh faces and friendships are developing in the same way now.

My advice to all is the same theme that I offer thanks to the Farm League. It is very important to remember it is FOR the kids! It is a GAME! And if the kids play it as a game and have fun, and hopefully learn a little along the way, then we've done our job. Our job is to foster an environment of teamwork, friendship, and fun so that they will continue to play a game that they love. If we lay that groundwork, then when they get older, and their bodies become adults, then maybe it will be something they will continue to excel through High School and on. It won't happen if they don't enjoy it, or if they get burned out. So keep it fun. And have fun with them!