The Farm League Rules 4-14U SEASON & TOURNAMENT.

Soft toss & kid pitch at the bottom.

"Saying you did not know the rules does not excuse you from the rule"

  • Big barrel  or regular barrel are ok. Any bat sold in stores from 2018 to today are legal in the league

I General rules Behavior 

NEW OUT RULE effective 5/20/21

Fan, Coach and Player Conduct Penalty - Unsportsmanlike conduct will be determined at the discretion of  each umpire. Once that decision has been made the umpire can issue one team warning.  If the behavior continues, whether from the same person or others on the same team, then an OUT will be called.  If the team is currently batting, WHOEVER IS AT THE PLATE IS OUT. That player is not allowed to bat and is out and must return to the dugout and the batting order does not change.  If the team is on defense and poor sportsmanship is called after their first warning, the OUT will be assessed to whoever leads off the next inning in the original batting order. That batter is OUT and is not allowed to bat and batting order does not change. This rule has been implemented so that we can maintain a good playing environment for everyone involved. Coach, fan and player outbursts are taken very seriously and unsportsmanlike conduct could now directly impact the outcome of a game. Those that have chosen to behave in that manner, will be held accountable to the coaches, players and other fans. 

For all age levels players, parents, or fans can not make noises meant to distract or intimate these young players.  As an example any player chanting or yelling swing or screaming as a pitcher releases the ball will be given one warning and then will be ejected. This is a REC LEAGUE. 

NO OUTSIDE NOISE MAKERS such as cow bells, horns, whistles, speakers or anything similar.  Cheering & clapping are the ways to support the team and show good sportsmanship.

II. Coaches / Dugouts / Equipment

2.1 A team shall be limited to four (4) non-players (coaches, bat boy/girls, etc.) inside the fence.

2.2 While on offense, only two coaches may be outside of the dugout fence.

2.3 While on offense, only the batter and the on deck batter shall be outside of the dugout fence. The on deck batter shall stay within the vicinity of his dugout gate. Players are not permitted to warm up in the opposing teams on deck circle.

2.4 While on defense, for 6 U there may be 2 coaches on the field of play assisting the players. Only one coach on the field for 7 under games. 8 & 9 U no coaches can be on the field

2.5 A bat boy/girl may leave the dugout fence to retrieve a bat after all playing action is completed. All bat boys/girls must have a helmet with two ear flaps.

2.6 All batters must wear full service helmets with two ear flaps.

2.7 We are playing with the same rules as USSSA, Nations, Cy-fair, and Spring Klein tournament play for bats. A player can use a big barrel bat other than the new bat rule posted Jan 1 , 2011

2.8 A player participating in the game shall not wear jewelry. The umpire shall ask the player to remove the jewelry. Play shall not continue until the jewelry is removed or the player is replaced. This is not an ejection. Medical alert bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry. If worn, they must be taped to the body so as to remain visible.

2.9 Shoes with metal cleats may not be worn by players. Keep all equipment in your dugout.

2.10 The use of cell phones shall not be permitted inside of the fence by players, non players or umpires.

2.11  No speakers no walk up music is allowed at any baseball field or game. This is for obvious reasons which include Sportsmanship & distracting other teams playing at the park, 

2.12  No sunflower seeds or gum on the turf fields

III Slide Rule

1. A legal slide can be either feet first or head first. If a runner slides feet first, at least one leg and buttock shall be on the ground. If a runner slides, he must slide within reach of the base with either a hand or a foot without going past the base.

2. On a force play if the runner slides, it must be on the ground in a direct line between the two bases, stopping at the base The runner may slide or run in a direction away from the fielder to avoid making contact or altering the play of the fielder.

3. No player shall initiate malicious contact. The question of what is malicious is umpire judgment.

4. On a force play an illegal slide causes both the runner and the batter-runner to be called out and all other runners to return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch.

5. Malicious contact shall be grounds for ejection.

6. Runners are never required to slide, but if a runner elects to slide the slide must be legal.

7. To prevent contact, if the fielder has the ball or his receiving of the ball is immanent, the runner has the following choices:

A) Slide

B) Go back

C) Go around

D) Give up

8 If contact results due to the runner failing to do one of the above, the runner shall be declared out. The player can not run directly into the fielder.

9 If a defensive player is obstructing the runner (judgment call by the umpire), contact by the runner is not illegal unless malicious.

End of game time limit in regular season and playoffs

1 " NO Drop dead time" - the Umpires clock is the official time keeper. One hour and fifteen minutes/ 1 hour 40 min for kid pitch or (6) innings whichever comes first. In the event of a tie, the game will end as a tie. A new inning starts after the final out of the last inning . An inning in progress when playing time expires will be completed if the completion of that inning could effect the outcome of the game. No new inning will start after the time limit has expired.

2. The umpires are the sole judge of time. During the season ending tournament, a winner will be determined. An inning ends when the last out is recorded in a home half of the inning.

3  Playoff extra innings.If a game goes into extra innings the rules are the same EXCEPT there are UNLIMITED runs in the extra inning. No 5 run rule.


Coach Pitch

TIME LIMIT: One hour and fifteen minutes or (6) innings whichever comes first. In the event of a tie, the game will end as a tie. Time expiration: A new inning starts after the final out of the last inning. An inning in progress when playing time expires will be completed if the completion of that inning could effect the outcome of the game. No new inning will start after the time limit has expired.

1. 60 foot bases

2. BATTING ORDER: All teams will roster bat. If a batter becomes disabled during the game and cannot bat, it's not an out.  In the playoffs this senario will be an out.  If you have a player in doubt physically use the subsitution rule and bat 9 but have subs to insert. standard MLB rules apply

3. DEFENSE: Will consist of (9) regular fielding positions and (1) additional rover in the outfield. A second pitcher may not be used on the infield. The pitcher(s) will be placed to the side of Coach pitcher, within (10) feet of the rubber. The pitcher may not be in front of the Coach pitcher. RUNS PER INNING: (5) runs per inning.

5. CONTACT RULE: all defensive players must not be in the base path. Interferance will be called. Players MAY NOT use excessive force when sliding into a plate. The umpire will determine and may call the player out.

6. DEAD BALL: Time will be called by the HOME PLATE UMPIRE when no runner is advancing.

7. PITCHER In the 6 under division the pitcher may stand on the cut of the grass on the mound. 35 feet  7 and above the pitcher must have a foot on the rubber.. 40 feet  Pitches must be over hand style. In soft toss, the pitcher is to the side of home plate.

8. BATTER: All batters will wear a batting helmet when on the field of play,

9. COURTESY RUNNER: Will not be allowed unless an injury has occured, only for catcher and the last out would run for that player. Catcher can be run for at any time . With 2 outs it is mandatory

10. INFIELD FLY: Will NOT be in effect

11. FREE SUBSTITUTION: Will be in effect. Players can play any position in different innings.

13. BUNTING: Will NOT be allowed.

14. STEALING: Will Not be permitted.

15. BATTER IS OUT: After three strikes in the 7 and above age division The player will get 6 pitches total. In the event of a foul on the last pitch they can keep swing until a strikeout or hit. In 6 under the batter will receive 5 pitches and may swing at all 5 prior to be being called out. If they foul the last pitch they can keep swinging until they either hit it or strike out.

16. COACHES: On offense a first base and third base coach will be allowed on the field. On defense, 2 coaches on the field for 6 U, 1 coach will be allowed on the field for 7 and under , 8 and older NO defensive coaches will be allowed . In the 8 year old division one coach may stand directly in front of his dugout for the purpose of defensive instruction. 7U may have 1 coach in the outfield behind the players or 2 coaches on the left and right sidelines outside the field of play. ONLY FOR DEFENSE

17. BASE AWARDS: 9U & 8 U -All overthrown balls are live unless the ball leaves the field of play, in which case, a (1) base limit will be given to the runners. Any (fair) batted ball that bounces over, rolls through or under a fence will be a ground rule double. In5, 6 & 7 U the runners get 1 base on an overthrow to FIRST BASE. However if a defensive player continues the play by throwing to a BASE and another over throw occurs the runners may continue to run until the play is called dead by the umpire.

18. RUN RULE: If a team is ahead by (10) runs after (4) complete innings (3 ½ for the home team) the game will be called. If a team is ahead by (6) runs after (5) complete innings (4 ½ for the home team) the game will be called. Coaches and Managers can "do the math" on the game to see if it is possible for a team to come back.

19. GAME TIME: Be at field at least (30) minutes prior to game time.

20. Umpires: (1)-umpire per game. Only the home plate umpire may stop play by calling time out- - . Any thrown ball striking an umpire is in play.

21. LINEUPS: (1) copy to score box and to opposing coach (10) minutes before game time. First initial, last name and number are required.

22. TOBACCO: Use is prohibited.

23. OTHER: Refer to the Officials Base Ball Rules for situations not covered here.

24. A game can be protested based on rules and eligibility. Judgement calls are not able to be protested. In order for a protest to be done legally the coach must have a plate meeting with the umpire and the opposing coach and say the game is "being played under protest for this reason". The game is continued  and finish to its normal conclusion. The league will review the protest and make a decision within 48 hours.

25. Home team will occupy the 3rd base dug out.

26. A fair ball hitting a coach pitcher will be declared a foul ball.

27. Normal MLB baseball rules are in effect of the game. Such as foul balls, outs, runs ect.

28 . Stopping the runner. In 5U, 6U and 7 U if the pitcher catches the ball ANYWHERE on the INFIELD GRASS play is stopped. They must have control of the ball. In 8U & 9 U the umpire will determine if play has stopped by seeing if the ball is infront of the lead runner. The umpire is the only one that can call time.

29. FARM LEAGUE CODE OF CONDUCT: If a coach or parent is ejected from a game for any abusive behavior towards another parent, coach, player, or umpire that parent AND his child will be suspended for that game plus  1 additional game. This accountability rule is in place to make the parents know if they go to far it will effect their kids, their team, and the other families. The Farm league's goal is to make baseball a fun experience for everyone in the dugout and in the stands.

30. Rosters are maxed at 12 players

Coach pitch supplemental 

1. Ball is dead when returned to the pitcher and in the umpires judgment play has stopped.

2. The umpire shall determine the position or the runners when the ball becomes dead.

3. A team will be restricted to scoring 5 runs per time at bat.

4. The player pitcher shall be stationed within 10 feet of the rubber at the time of the pitch.

5. The catcher shall be located in the catcher's box, no more than 8 feet behind home plate.

6. All 8 year old and younger games will require roster batting.

7. With ANY OUTS you can courtesy run for your catcher.

8. ALL coach pitchers MUST EXIT THE FIELD IMMEDIATELY when a hit is made.  They can not stay on the field of play standing or squating

9.) There will be NO:

 Base on balls

 Base awards for batter hit by a pitch

 Infield fly

10) Stealing of bases (Runners may not leave their bases until the pitched ball crosses the front edge of home plate)

11). Runners may not leave the base until the pitched ball reaches home plate. A runner who leaves early will be declared out. The pitch will be called a no pitch.

12) 7U Coach pitch- The play is DEAD as soon as the PITCHER has control of the ball in the infield grass. ONLY THE PITCHER

13). A base runner who is hit with a batted ball which goes directly from the bat to the runner is OUT. If the ball is hit and then touches any part of a defender before it hits the base runner, he is not out, live play.

14) Coaches will pitch from 40 feet for 7&8 Under   35 feet for  6under 



1) have as many dad helpers in the field

2) NO CATCHERS IN THIS GAME . Safety first

3) once a player is OUT on the bases he must exit the field and go to the dugout.  We understand kids want to run however we need to look at both sides and reward the fielders for making a good play

4) 5 runs per inning

5) one hour long games

6) please keep the outfielders in the outfield and not have 8 in the infield. The players will not learn the game

7) players rotate to all postitions

8) roster bat 


1 ) The Dad is slightly up the 1st or 3rd base line depending on if the batter is left or right handed. They flip the ball to the batter . Soft toss batting drill style. Each batter gets 6 toss's and can swing at all 6 before they are out .OR they can be about 10 feet in front of the batter

2) 10 players in the field roster bat

3) no scores, no standings 3 outs per inning.

4) Catcher is behind the dad or way back from the batter. MUST BE OUT OF THE WAY . Teams are not required to have a catcher. Put the players in the outfield

5) Each team will have 1 free walk per game. Used for kids that have trouble hitting the ball . Coaches use a gentlemans agreement to work with the kids so they have fun in the league. Wait until the last couple innings before you use it.

6) When a player is OUT on the base, he MUST return to the dugout. Kids like knowing they got someone out just like they know when they cross home plate.

7) 5 runs per inning

8) 1 hour time limit or 6 innings

9) 3 dads in the field on Defense is allowed . You do not have to have 3 dads out there. WE SUGGEST ONLY 2 .Less crowded.

10) Regular baseball rules apply!

11) 50 foot base length

12) Soft safety ball is used in 5 and 6 U

13) coaches DO NOT use a T in this division. 



At all ages- If a pitcher leaves pitching for a position he can not return to pitch in that game. 

Rosters are maxed at 12 players


I. 9 players in the field . Roster bat

A  65 foot base length, 46 feet from the rubber to the plate

II. No Walks. If a batter is walked a coach from that team comes in to give 2 pitches to the batter. He will either hit, strike out , or get out. If the 2nd pitch is fouled he can keep swinging until either a hit or out occurs

III. Hit by Pitch. If a batter is hit by a pitch and is able to swing then a coach comes in and give THREE pitches to that batter. If the batter can not swing , hurt, he gets a free base. UMPIRE WILL MAKE THIS CALL

IV. No bunting. A full swing must take place

V. No Infield Fly

VI . 5 runs per inning

VII . No drop dead time. Inning starts when the last out is made in a home half of the inning.

VIII . 40 pitches per player per game. A parent must keep track of all pitches. Once a pitcher leaves the mound pitching he can not return as a pitcher for that game

IX. 1 hour 40 minute time limit or 6 innings

X. All catchers MUST wear cups.


XII. If a rule is not listed above normal MLB Rules apply

XIII. In a tournament pitchers can pitch a MAX of 60 pitches in a day

XIV.  When a coach pitcher is pitching he MUST EXIT THE FIELD OF PLAY ON A HIT.  If a pitcher does not the batter will be declared OUT. 


Same distances at 9u for pitching and bases .  All rules of play are the same as 11-13U . full MLB rules . steals etc

18 outs in any 3 day period regular season or tournament MAX pitching limits

all other 12Under rules apply 

11U-12U- baseball AKA 70' senior division

I 50' from the rubber to the plate.  

II 70 foot bases

III no slash bunting

IV a pitcher may pitch a total of 18 for a day & 27 over any 3 day period

V, 7 runs per inning

VI. roster bat

VII Mandatory pinch run for catcher with 2 out

VIII MLB Rules - open bases, lead offs, steals, BALKS

IX . 1 warning for the first balk per team

X . 1 warning for throwing a bat for both teams once it happens

XI . run rule 15 run lead after 3 , 10 after 4 , 8 after 5

XII  Please use only league issued baseballs or balls approved by TFL management. Both teams provide one ball to the umpire prior to the game start.

XIII The batter must not interfere with the catcher's attempt to throw out an attempted base stealer. The batter can remain in the box but cannot move into the direction the catcher moves to make his throw.

XIV  In a tournament a pitcher may pitch 27 outs MAX for the entire tournament  .  18 outs in a  league regular season weekend

XV. once a pitcher leaves the mound as a pitcher to play another position he can not return. Coaches can not swap pitchers in and out for specific batters 


1. After the first game of the season rosters are frozen.

2.. For all divisions with playoffs: the first rainout is not made up due to a 2 game minimum in the playoffs.  The second rainout is made up. All divisions without playoffs (youngest no scores leagues) will have all rainouts made up.

3. The players on the official roster sent by The Farm League are the only players allowed to participate during the season.

4.. This is a recreation league. Players and coaches are not allowed to distract with chants, jumps, screams or anything similar as a pitcher is releasing a ball.  Umpires will give one warning and then the head coach will be ejected. "Get ready postion" jumps to place or counting numbers out load by players is obviously done to distract teams and is not allowed.  This is a sportsmanship issue. 

5. In the event of a rain out during the game, after 3 complete innings the game is complete. If a game is rained out prior to 3 innings and is being made up the score will resume at the point of stoppage. The home book is the legal book, we do allow players to be added to the bottom of the order if they missed the orginal game. If a player who was playing is not at the rain out game we will not penalize that spot.

6. Rain outs will be scheduled where we can place them in the current schedule. We cannot honor or guarantee no play requests due to rain outs happening at any time. Once a rain out is placed it cannot be moved. The first rain out is not made up due to a 2-game playoff minimum. Ages that do not have playoffs will make up all rain outs.

7.  All rosters are final once a team has played a game. No additional late adds can be placed on that team

8. . No metal spikes, sunflower seeds or gum on the turf fields-NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Automatic forfiet of the game 

38. The TFL has the right to remove any coach, parent, or player during the season due to issues within in the league or their team for either behavior, rules violations, or safety. 

9.. If a player is found to be in an illegal level (age/grade) the team is subject to forfeit all games.

10.  A game can only be protested for illegal rosters or rules quesiton.  Not judgement calls.  A game must be "played under protest"  coaches must notify the umpire they are playing the game under protest during the game. A game can not be protested after the game is over

V Playoffs:

1. All teams make the playoffs. A Gold/Silver/ Bronze tournament will take place after the season has ended. Be prepared to play games on back to back days. Teams with 2 wins or less will be placed in bronze.

2. Baseball is a class level play sport. We reserve the right to adjust brackets accordingly to make for a balanced tournament in the REC league.

3. Playoff seeds are decided by win-loss record. If there is a tie in the record then we look at head-to-head, points allowed then points scored. If teams have a different number of games due to rainouts loses is the first factor then head-to-head.

4. We have GOLD SILVER AND BRONZE brackets divisions which form after round 1

5. Age is determined as of May 1 of the school year. . Players may play up, they can not play down an age. Any team found to have illegal players will forfiet all games and be removed from the league.

6. Pitching limits for the playoffs for 10-12 U are # of outs 27 for the entire tournament per player. umpires score cards are final so confirm name and jersey # with ump at end of game

7. In 9u a player may pitch 40 per game or 60 max per day. In a day a pitcher can spread out pitch counts over 3 games in a day

8. Games will be any day of the week at any time