How is age calculated? What is the cutoff date?

Age is calculated as how old they are as of January 1st, 2022. For example, if your daughter is "8 or under" as of 1/1, then they will play in "8U."  If they are 9 before Jan 1st, then they will play 10U. Parents have the option of playing UP a grade but never down.

12U & 14U might be combined, depending on number of registrations.

8U means = "8 and UNDER"

How much does it cost?

6U tball => $159

8U Coach Pitch Softball => $169

10U Blended Kid Pitch Softball => $189

12U and 14U kid pitch Softball => $189

Softball Academy => $199

Any required fundraisers?

We do not have any fundraisers, sponsors or other fees.

What is included with the registration fee?

6U: Jersey, Shorts, Visory and 10 Games officiated by parents

8U-10U: Jersey, Shorts, Visor and 10 Games

12U and 14U- Jersey and Visor and 10 Games

What will I have to buy?

Batting helmet, softball glove, bat, cleats, pants(for 12U), belt(optional), socks in coach's choice of color (these can all be purchased at Dick's Sporting goods, Academy, Dugout Sports, etc.) Each coach will receive 1 dozen of game softballs around the time uniforms arrive.

When is the last day to register?

Last day to register for FALL SOFTBALL LEAGUE is August 11th , FALL SOFTBALL ACADEMY is August 16th.

A LATE ADD REGISTRATION is not guaranteed to be placed on a team.  Player will be placed where we can fit them, and may be moved, if needed, to balance teams.  A LATE ADD REGISTRATION understands they will go where we can place them.  Only if we do not have an open space and do not offer any team slot, will a player be refunded in full.  Please register BEFORE registration closes to avoid issues.  We have very long registration periods for your convenience.

When does season start?

SPRING LEAGUE: end of February, SPRING ACADEMY: beginning of January

FALL LEAGUE: September 11th,  FALL ACADEMY: August 20th

The schedule is released after rosters are sent out..

When does the season end?

This will be based on the last game on your schedule. Seasons take 2-3 months

Season start and end dates are subject to change due to weather, outside field issues, or acts of God. These incidents could change without notice due to events beyond our control. Any delay may cause the game schedule to be changed from the original posted at the beginning of the season.

Once the schedule is released games cannot be moved.

How does TFL Communicate?

The league and coaches communicate via email.  When completing registration, PLEASE put your email that you check frequently.

Who will be my coach?

ALL Coaches are Volunteers. TFL does not hire coaches for our league. YOU CAN COACH, TOO! We are always in need of Volunteers to help coach teams and may ask the parents if we do not have a volunteer for the team. Mom/Dad if you would like to coach, please select the box by the "Would you like to coach?" option and enter your own name in the Coach Preference box.

How are teams set up?

We build teams by Coach Preference, Friend Preference, and School/Location. Teams are set after registration ends, then rosters are sent to the coaches, and then practices will begin. The coaches on the team will decide the time/location of practices. Based on registrtion numbers age groups may be combined 

How many practices per week?

1-2 practices a week; depending on what the parents and coaches decide. 

What days will games be played on?

Mostly Saturdays, but may have a few Friday evening and Sunday afternoon games. Will have some double headers.

** We will play Fri 3/12/21, honoring Spring Break with no games 3/13/21-3/19/21.

Where are games played?

Game are played at Burroughs, Collins Park, the Farm League Park, Trinity Lutheran or Meyer Park, These parks are run separately and in charge of having their fields ready and determine if they are rained out.

Which bats are allowed?

Standard softball bats

Can we bring a complete team to the league?

Yes, just email Rob with the details. All team members can register online, requesting you as coach. There is an option on the registration form that states: "Coach Preference."

Can we request friends to play with?

Yes, we try to build the teams where the kids and parents have friends on the team. We want the kids to have fun in the dug out and parents to have fun in the bleachers. We build teams using the "Friend Preference" and school listed on the registration form. If requesting a friend please CALL that friend and make sure they are playing.

Teams have a limit on how many players they can hold, we will not add to a full roster as it affects everyone's playing time. Please talk to the parents and coaches to make sure they know you are signing up.

What kind of ball do we use?

6U - 10" soft core softball

8U - 11" soft core softball ("RIF 1 - 11" Sof-Dot Rawlings", or like-level ball)

10U - 11" standard Softball

12U and 14U - 12" standard Softball

Coaches will be emailed if games are rained out or delayed due to weather, otherwise games are played as scheduled.

Refund policy

- $25 processing fee for all refunds requested. 
- 50% refund after regular registration has ended. 
- No refunds 7 days prior to opening day for the registered season. The registered season begins for all teams on the same day
- Refunds may take up to 2 weeks for processing. 
- Late Fees are non-refundable. 

Games or Camps through the Farm League maybe changed due to an event, weather, or other activities. All parents and coaches will be notified if this occurs.

The Farm League follows the Klein ISD school calendar for holidays and breaks.