How many games do we play?    

8 games and an end of season tournament.

The winter games begin in January. Practices start in December, there are no games or practices during the Christmas break. The season ends prior to spring break.

The summer season begins the first week of June. There are no games on July 4th. The season ends the 4th week of July.

Season start and end dates are subject to change due to weather, outside field issues, or acts of God. These incidents could change without notice due to events beyond our control. Any delay may cause the game schedule to be changed from the original posted at the beginning of the season.

Can I request a friend?    

YES teams are formed off of friend requests and schools.

Teams have a limit on how many players they can hold, we will not add to a full roster as it affects everyone's playing time. Please talk to the parents and coaches to make sure they know you are signing up.

Once the schedule is released games cannot be moved

Can I coach?  

Yes all teams have volunteer dad or mom coaches. All teams are coached by volunteer parents, we will request a parent coach if needed.

Where are the practices and games held?

Local private and public schools. Including but not limited to Doerre, Providence, Ulrich, Trinty, Northland, Kleb  (KISD area).. Days can change due to schools requests.

Winter practices start at 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30 for 3rd grade and older the times are on a rotating schedule.

Winter practices are at 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30 for kindergarten-2nd grade

When are games played?

In the winter league all games are on Friday and Saturday. The summer league plays games during the week (Monday-Friday) so families can enjoy weekend events.

The schedule is released after the rosters are sent out.

Home team wears the dark color for games.

What grade should I put down?

2020-2021 school year 

How much does it cost?  

$229 no fund raiser required.

How often/long do we practice? 

The winter league practices for 1 hour during the week, times are assigned to the teams so there is no overlap at the school. Practices begin at 5:30pm starting in Jan. In Dec practices can be on any day during the week/weekends due to end of semester activites at the schools.

The summer league practices are 1 hour held on Saturdays, the times are assigned to the teams.

How many players per team?  


Kindergarten games are 4-on-4 

Can my child play up?  

YES players are always allowed to play up a grade.  

Boys or girls?

NEW FOR THE 2021 SEASON WE WILL HAVE A GIRL'S ONLY DIVISION!! Grades are sometimes combined when creating teams (example 1st/2nd).

Girls can play in the boy's division if they prefer, please register for the boy's division. 

How do I register?  

CLICK the registration link on the menu bar.


A LATE ADD REGISTRATION is not guaranteed to be placed on a team.  Player will be placed where we can fit them, and may be moved, if needed, to balance teams.  A LATE ADD REGISTRATION understands they will go where we can place them.  Only if we do not have an open space and do not offer any team slot, will a player be refunded in full.  Please register BEFORE registration closes to avoid issues.  We have very long registration periods for your convenience.

What are your rules?

They are posted on the RULES link on this webpage

When are rosters released?

Rosters will be sent out to coaches/parents 1 week after the registration closes.

Refund policy

- $25 processing fee for all refunds requested. 
- 50% refund after regular registration has ended. 
- No refunds 7 days prior to opening day for the registered season. The registered season begins for all teams on the same day
- Refunds may take up to 2 weeks for processing. 
- Late Fees are non-refundable. 

Games or camps through the Farm League can change due to an KISD/ school event, weather, or other conflicts at venues. We follow all attendance policies the gyms have in place. All parents and coaches will be notified if this occurs.

The Farm League follows the Klein ISD school calendar for holidays and breaks.