* If gender is not specificed, the rules are the same for boys and girls

  • Schedule is posted for all teams on the standings page.  You can subscribe to your schedule. It sends all games to your phone or calendar program..
  • A parent from each team will keep score and do the clock.
  • There will be two minutes between halves and a minimum of four minutes between games.  The  Courts reserves the right to alter times if games should run late with adequate warm‐up time being  allowed.  The only time a game will start early is if both coaches agree.
  • The players on the official roster sent by The Farm League are the only players allowed to participate during the season.
  • All rosters are final once the season has started. No additional late adds can be placed on that team
  • There is a 20-pt score limit difference to all final scores. 
  • All Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade level games will have their water bottles on the side line with their parents.  This is to prevent and limit water being spilled on the courts which is a safety issue..
  • Home team wears the dark side of their jersey.
  • FARM LEAGUE CODE OF CONDUCT: If a coach or Parent is ejected from a game for any abusive behavior towards another parent, coach, player, or ref;  that parent AND his child will be suspended for that game plus  1 additional game. This accountability rule is in place to make the parents know if they go to far it will effect their kids, their team, and the other familes. The Farm league's goal is to make basketballl a fun experience for everyone in the dugout and in the stands.

  • BOYS: Kindergarten-2nd grade play sideline to sideline, 3rd grade and up  play full court.
  • GIRLS: K-3rd grade play sideline to sideline. 4th and older play full court
  • Boys and girls play at all current grade levels. Players are allowed to play up a grade. 
  • Basketball Sizes: K-5th grade boys and ALL girl's grades use (28.5), BOYS 6th-8th grades will use regulation balls (29.5)  
  • Boys K, Boys 1st, Girls k/1, & Girls 2nd grade leagues will shoot on 8’ goals.  (sideline to sideline games) 
  • 2nd grade boys will shoot on 9' goals  (sideline to sideline games)
  • 3rd grade girls will shoot on 10' goals sideline to sideline 
  • 3rd grade boys and 4th grade girls and higher will shoot on regulation 10' goals full court games
  • Kindergarten - 2nd grade will consist of two sixteen-minutes halves.
  • 3rd grade and older games will play 4 quarters of 8 minutes each to make it close to UIL rules.  
  • The clock will run continuously and stop only during time‐outs and the last two minutes of  very quarter on dead balls and whistles.   
  • If a twenty‐point lead occurs, the clock will run continuously during the last two minutes.   
  • The clock will not stop in K‐1 games.   
  • GIRLS: K/1 is 3-on-3 basketball 
  • GIRLS: 2nd is 4-on-4 basketball.
  • GIRLS: 3rd and older is 5-on-5 
  • BOYS: K is 4-on-4
  • BOYS: 1st and older is 5-on-5 
  • 2nd grade: from the “volleyball line” which is a distance of 8’.  The shooter may land on the line but not completely past the line.   
  • 3rd grade: from the 12' line
  • 4th grade and up: shoot from the regular free throw line. 
  • For lane purposes, the player closest to the basket may line up below the low block..
  • The shooter may land on the line but not completely past  the line
  • Fouls on K & 1st will be a throw in and reestablish play.. 
  • K‐2nd grade may not go past the top of the key extended. Offensive teams may not attempt to stall or  delay to circumvent this rule.  It is at the referee’s discretion if this is happening, and the ball may  be awarded to the defensive team.
  • 3rd grade can pick up at ½ court and press full court in the last two minutes of the game only. 
  • 4th grade and up can pick up full court.
  • Pressing if a TEN‐point lead occurs:  - 2nd and 3rd grade league teams must drop back to the top of the key extended.  - 4th grade and above league teams must drop back to half court. 
  • GIRLS pressing rules - No pressing allowed in the elementary school divisions 5th and under.  Middle school full court press allowed once a 10 point lead occurs teams must drop back to 1/2 court 
  • Regular season games will end in a tie.  Playoffs will have a 2 minute overtime to determine a winner 
  • K & 1st boys grade have wristbands for required man to man coverage
  • K/1 & 2nd grade girls willl wear colored wrist bands for girl to girl coverage 
  • 3rd grade girls level no traps allowed 
  • BOYS: Is Allowed 2nd grade and older 
  • GIRLS: Is allowed in 3rd grade
  • are allowed 3rd grade and older, boys and girls 


  • 2nd grade and under will have no three‐second‐lane violation.   
  • 3rd grade will use a five‐second‐lane violation.   
  • 4th grade and up will use the three‐second‐lane violation.   
  • Scores will be adjusted to a maximum of 20 point difference. We do not have mercey rules to end games early. We want teams to continue to play and coaches realize this is the max score difference to be posted. 
  • Teams will be allowed three time‐outs per game to be used at any time.  These timeouts will be for  thirty seconds.  Teams will be issued one additional time‐out for the overtime period.  Previous time  outs remaining will carry over to overtime periods.  - In the event that a team is leading by 20 or more points, The Courts strongly emphasizes that the  team leading not use remaining time outs unless it is for substitution purposes or in cases of  emergency.    
  • For 3rd grade and up, a player with 6 fouls is out of the game. 2 technical founds and a player is out of the game. If a parent is ejected from a game the player is also removed immediately.
  • For 3rd grade and up, all standard UIL rules apply with all fouls
  • All teams make the playoffs.  Teams can opt out of the playoffs.
  • Playoffs are the week after the regular season ends single elimination tournament.  Teams may play 3 games in a day
  • In case of overtime, the first overtime period will consist of two minutes.  The second overtime  period will be a sudden death format.  The first team that scores will be the winner..
  • We have A and B brackets for the single elimination playoff tournament. Teams with 6 or more loss's will be placed in B.
  • A game can only be protested for illegal rosters or rules quesiton.  Not judgement calls.  A game must be "played under protest"  coaches must notify the ref they are playing the game under protest during the game. A game can not be protested after the game is over. 
  • Playoff seeds are decided by win-loss record. If there is a tie in the record then we look at head-to-head, points allowed then points scored. If teams have a different number of games, loses is the first factor then head-to-head
  • The TFL has the right to remove any coach, parent, or player during the season due to issues within in the league or their team for either behavior, rules violations, or safety.
  • BCS Championship, Cotton bowl, Orange Bowl, AND NOW TFL BOWL!    On the final weekend (Winter) or week (Summer) for girls divisions, we match up teams with like-level records for their bowl games.  In these divisions we have teams with a wide range of abilities and we want to make the finals fun and competitive for all teams.  Teams can still opt out, however we have seen the participation increase alot with these schedules.  Coaches will be emailed towards the end of the season to confirm participation.