Flag Football



What age/grade for what team? 

Flag Football uses GRADE IN SCHOOL as the parameter to place players on a team.  So, if the registration asks "GRADE IN FALL 2023," then anyone in the same grade (or lower grade) can be on a team together.  Parents have the option of playing their child UP a grade but never down.

Grades are somtimes combined when creating teams (7th/8th)

How much does it cost? 

$199 BOYS FLAG for all grades 

$199 GIRLS FLAG Powder Puff (Winter season only, October-December)

Fee includes jersey, flag and shorts


In the fall K season it is no scores and no standings.  We do this to introduce new players to the game .  All other seasons for K have playoffs and scores

Any required fundraisers?

We do not have any fundraisers, sponsors or other fees.

What is included with the registration fee? 

NFL jersey, shorts and set of flags.  (* girls do not receive shorts) No other equipment is needed or required.  Kids wear cleats.  Each team recieves a football.

When is the last day to register?  

WINTER FLAG:  September 17th (boys & girls)

SPRING FLAG:  March 3rd

FALL FLAG:  July 12th


A LATE ADD REGISTRATION is not guaranteed to be placed on a team.  Player will be placed where we can fit them, and may be moved, if needed, to balance teams. A LATE ADD REGISTRATION understands they will go where we can place them.  Only if we do not have an open space and do not offer any team slot, will a player be refunded. 

A LATE ADD REGISTRATION understands that their uniform will have to be ordered LATE, so it will arrive LATE, possibly after opening weekend.  When ordering LATE uniforms, the availability & size could be impacted.

* Please register BEFORE registration closes to avoid issues.  We have very long registration periods for your convenience.  

How many practices per week? 

Once the teams are set practices will begin.  Parents/Coaches on the team control the day of the week you practice.  1-2 practices a week for 1- 11/2 hours; depends on what the parents and coaches decide.  The great thing about flag football is you just need a grass area to practice.  So any elementary or middle school area is fine for a practice.   Families all have different personal schedules so we let your team decide the practice day time and location. 

What days will games be played on?   

Game days vary, but typically Friday evenings beginning at 5:30pm, Saturdays between 9am-7pm, Sundays after 1pm and some divisions can play Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.  Spring season games are played on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday's.

Teams can play more than 1 day a week.

10 regular season games (first rainout is not made up) 

All grade levels could play some Tuesday nights, Friday nights, Saturday morning to early afternoon, or Sunday afternoons. Games will be played Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

The schedule is released after the rosters are sent out.

Season start and end dates are subject to change due to weather, outside field issues, or acts of God. These incidents could change without notice due to events beyond our control. Any delay may cause the game schedule to be changed from the original posted at the beginning of the season.

Once the schedule is released games cannot be moved

How does TFL Communicate?

The league and coaches communicate via email.  When completing registration, PLEASE put your email that you check frequently.

Are there PLAYOFFS?

Double elimination playoffs begin the weekend after the last regular season games .  The kindergarten division does not have scores or standings in the fall so the players, coaches and parents can learn the game.

Games will be FRIDAY – SATURDAY and SUNDAY.  Championship games are on Sunday and the only time we will play on a Sunday morning would be during the playoffs.  Sometimes playoffs will be during the week.  

GIRLS FLAG - will have match-up games. BCS Championship, Cotton bowl, Orange Bowl, AND NOW TFL BOWL!    On the final weekend for girls divisions, we match up teams with like-level records for their bowl games.  In these divisions we have teams with a wide range of abilities and we want to make the finals fun and competitive for all teams.  Teams can still opt out, however we have seen the participation increase alot with these schedules.  Coaches will be emailed towards the end of the season to confirm participation. * This is only for age divisions that have standings.


K-8th Grade

Which Football do we use? 

3rd grade and younger use a K2 or the NFL ball given,  4th-5th grade use a TDJ or NFL Ball given,  6th grade and older use a TDY or NFL ball given.

GIRLS FLAG - all teams, all ages will use a K2 ball or NFL ball given.

Can we bring a complete team to the league?

Yes, just email Rob with the details (rob@thefarmleague.com).  All team members can register online, requesting you as coach.  There is an option on the registration form that states: "Coach Preference."

The max players on a team is 10 and the min is 5.

Can we request friends to play with?

Yes, we try to build the teams where the kids and parents have friends on the team.  We want the kids to have fun on the field and parents to have fun on the sidelines.  We build teams using the "Friend Preference" and school listed on the registration form. Teams have limited spots, please talk to your friends when you sign up.

10 kids maximum per team. We know some of our groups are all friends and we want to keep it that way. Having more than 10 players on the team may seem OK at the beginning, however very quickly people will see how little playing time kids yet. We have seen how this can impact groups negatively. There’s multiple reasons for this rule, however the top reason is we want youth sports to grow friendships and not negatively impact them with kids OR adults. Please talk to the parents and coaches to make sure they know you are signing up.  It is your responsibility to CONFIRM with the parent/coach there IS space on the team and the friend IS registering to play.  This is very important for building teams.

Are players allowed to play up a grade level?


Girls have the opportunity to play down a grade, if playing on a boys team.

Can I coach?

Yes!  On the registration form you can select the "coach" or "team mom" box. We will get with the new coaches as the season gets closer.  We usually have a coaches meeting 2 or more weeks before the season starts. All teams have volunteer coaches or co-coaches to lead the team.  Here is a link to a reference manual for coaches:  http://www.thefarmleague.com/football/fc360/ 

All teams are coached by volunteer parents, we will request a parent coach if needed.

Where are games played?

The Farm League Park - 19717 Stuebner Airline, Spring TX 77379

How long are games?

Games are 1 hour long and the rules of NFL flag are posted on the web page.  http://www.thefarmleague.com/football/rules/5-man-rules/

How does scoring and playoffs work?

K Division is a NO scores/ NO Standings league in the fall season only. In the winter & spring K has playoffs, standings etc.  The. 1st - 8th divisions have standings and a Playoff tournament for all seasons.

When will I hear from my coach?

Teams are released one week after registration ends, at that time you will hear from your coaches regarding practices.

Coaches will be emailed if games are rained out or delayed due to weather, otherwise games are played as scheduled.

Refund policy

- $25 processing fee for all refunds requested. 
- 50% refund after regular registration has ended. 
- No refunds 7 days prior to opening day for the registered season. The registered season begins for all teams on the same day
- Refunds may take up to 2 weeks for processing. 
- Late Fees and Processing Fees are non-refundable. 

Games or camps through the Farm League could change due to a school event, weather, or venue conflicts/issues. All parents and coaches will be notified if this occurs via email, twitter, and facebook posts.

The Farm League follows the Klein ISD school calendar for holidays and breaks. 

Waiver and Emergency Information

I/we am / are the parent, guardian, or custodial person of the above child, in consideration the he/she may play flag football or baseball with the Farm League. In the event that my/our child should become injured while he/she is engaged in football or baseball activities, I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from the activities and do herby waive, release, absolve, and agree to hold harmless the Farm League, its officers, directors, managers, coaches, trainers, assistant directors, game officials, sponsors, supervisors, Trinity Klein Lutheran/Providence Classical School/Harris County/Spring/Klein/Tomball/ CyFair schools, attending physicians, and any person transporting youth to and from any Farm League activity for any claim arising out of injury or for the administration or failure to administer first aid and or medical attention.

Secondly should my child become injured and I/we are not present and cannot be immediately contacted I/we herby appoint as legal guardian the Farm League for the limited purpose of defining, determining the necessity of and authorizing such medical attention or treatment as they deem appropriate. I/we herby release said officials from any and all liability, claim, or cause of action arising out of the good faith exercise of the power granted by this authorization.

Please provide the following medical information. In the event that your child should require treatment in your absence. The Farm League will attempt to obtain medical treatment from the doctor or facility you designate, if in their judgment, circumstances allow them to do so. Completing & paying registration on this site or other is acceptance of this waiver