Flag Football


Seahawks Fall 2015 still going (first through fifth grade thus far)

Seahawks Fall 2017 still going (first through third grade thus far) 

Coaching any youth sport should have a few general rules that apply:

1.       This is and always will be about the kids – it is their time to learn, their time to have fun and don’t lose sight of this is a kid’s game

2.       The number one job is to make the kids want to come back out for the next practice, the next game and the next season

3.       Teach them the rules – make sure they understand the rules and expect mistakes.  Equally if not more important, teach them to learn from those mistakes

4.       Be respectful to the game, to their teammates, to the other team and to the referees

5.       Have good help around you – the whole coaching journey would not be nearly as fun if you don’t have good help and friends / family to enjoy these times with as you will spend a lot of time together

6.       Back to number one – this is and always will be about the kids – so have fun with it

We have enjoyed the forum that the Farm League provides and have made some great, great friends along the way.  

General advice and thoughts as you are coaching:

Keep your teams together as long as you can and cherish all of the moments.  The wins.  The losses.  Each individual child and their personalities.  Take pictures.  Write down memorable moments, games, championships.  It is fun to look back at them over the years and remember specific things together as coaches and with your children.