Flag Football


I first joined the league as an assistant coach of the K-1 Vikings in 2010 winter season. I was assistant coach again for the Vikings in 2011 winter season as well as assisting my wife Julie in coaching the K-1 Chargers. In 2012 I decided to Head Coach the K-1 Chargers and the 3rd grade Buccaneers for the summer season. I still coach both teams and have a blast doing it.

I have always prided myself on honesty and integrity and I try to instill these qualities in my players. I take my responsibility to these children very seriously and strive to not only teach them proper fundamentals for football, but also give them life lessons to guide them as upstanding and outstanding young boys and girls. My greatest reward is getting to show my two sons the joy, hard work, and dedication of being a Dad.

Thank you for including me in this Hall of Fame list. I accept it humbly and honerably.

Michael Clark