Flag Football


Coaching flag football in The Farm League was one of our happiest memories as a family. Having my son on the team was just icing on the cake! I had an opportunity to watch so many kids grow and learn the game but I think I was the one that may have grown and learned the most out there. My son is getting older now and we still enjoy watching old DVD's of our games from years ago. Those will always be cherished times for us. There was a lot to learn about coaching kids. One of the most important things I learned I would have to credit my own Father with. He coached football for many, many years and I looked to him for advice often in the beginning. He told me to find 4 or 5 plays that you can teach the kids and run those plays to perfection. "Don't give them too much at once"! That was great advice. Most of our practices looked exactly the same. We never used a playbook. As the seasons would go on, they knew exactly what they were doing. It was fun to watch. I think the single most important thing to keep in mind - especially for a father that has a son playing - is that these are kids. Your son is not YOU! Let them have fun. Be positive! I've seen so many coaches yell and scream at their sons. It's hard to watch. It totally defeats everything that should be taking place out there. As for parting words of "Wisdom", I would say: coach in a way that you can look back on years from now and be proud of. Have a future mindset today. These kids will remember more than you know!

Teams Coached: 2006 - 2009

Panthers - 2nd grade

Bills - 3rd

Packers - 4th Grade

Raiders - 5th grade