Flag Football


Russell Herrscher – TFL Dolphins

I have been coaching flag football at The Farm League (TFL) since 2009 and have had the pleasure of playing some amazing local teams as well as teams in tournament play from Florida, Arizona, California and even Mexico.  I have seen TFL grow as an organization, from its humble beginning at Gleannloch Farms to the new state of the art sports complex TFL Park (True Electric Park).  I have also grown as a coach over the years and have learned so much about the game from Rob Patterson and the other TFL coaches. 

Coaching Highlights

2013 – AAYFDT Klein Oilers Senior Tackle NFC Division Champions, Superbowl Runner Up

2013 – TFL Dolphins 5 on 5 Summer & Spring League Champions

2012 – AAYFDT Klein Oilers Tackle – Playoff Contender

2012 – TFL Dolphins Flag 5 on 5 Winter & Summer Divisional Champions

2011 – TFL Dolphins Flag 5 on 5 Winter Season II & Summer Playoff Champions

2010 – TFL Chiefs Flag 5 on 5 Winter Season II Playoff Champions

2009 – AAYFDT 7 on 7 Cowboys Divisional Championship

2009 – AAYFDT 7 on 7 Cowboys Divisional Championship

USA Football Coaches Certification – National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education (NCACE), Flag Football Level 1.  AAYFDT Tackle Coaches Clinic.  NFL Flag Regional tournaments at Reliant, Austin, and TFL Park.

I started like most coaches do – because I had a son with a little talent and could not believe how much I enjoyed watching him run the ball up and down the field.  Over the years I have realized what an impact a coach can make on a young boys life.  Coaching provides a great venue to teach our children many of life’s most valuable lessons while having fun.  My advice to new coaches is to get a playbook and keep it simple.  Develop a practice plan and make it fun. Winning is not everything – but making the effort to win is.  Coaching is not a great mystery.  It’s just a mix of hard work, determination and inspiration at the right moment.  Having a couple of really talented athletes doesn’t hurt either.