Flag Football


I had the honor of coaching The Steelers for 9 plus seasons of Flag Football with a core group of super talented boys and very supportive parents.   I was volunteered to coach, which I was none too happy about at first.  As it has turned out, it was one of the greatest  things I have ever been a part of. The memories, the successes, and the challenges  are with me every day.  I learned just as much from the boys, as I hope they learned from me.  From the beginning,  it was apparent that the boys just wanted to have fun and play the game.  It was my task to keep it fun and instill sportsmanship, unselfishness and teamwork.
These 6 boys have that special ‘it’ factor even at a young age.    As 5 and 6 year olds, they were so competitive. They would cut up and be kids but when the flags were snapped and it was game time; it was all about winning.  And winning they did compiling over a half dozen championships and only losing 4 out of 50 plus games.   They have taken these talents on to tackle football where they are experiencing the same type of team success.  They brought out the best in each other and in me.  They have and still make me look like I knew what I was doing.
All of these achievements could not have been done without the parents.  From all the Dads helping out, to the Moms Cheering section,  to the end of the season parties with the famous videos, it was all totally worth it.
Thank you to The Farm League for including me in this exclusive club.  A big thank you to my Steelers parents for letting me be a part of their son’s lives.