Flag Football


It has been so much fun for me to coach youth sports, especially to create great memories I'll never forget with my son and family.  I've had the opportunity to be on the field with my son and his teammates with TFL Phillies baseball, Lynx baseball, and many Farm League flag football teams including the Bengals, Lions and now Colts.  As I reflect back on all of the memories, I think I enjoy most of all trying to create a fun and welcoming team culture that is also very prideful and competitive at the same time.  The relationships formed with the young boys shouldn't be taken for granted.  I've had the luxury of coaching many boys on many teams and it's a gift to watch them grow and be a part of developing their athletic skills as well as teaching them to be great sports and never disrespect the opponent, coaches or officials.  We've been very fortunate to experiencing winning but I find you can often times teach the most important lessons in defeat.  Congratulating a team that was better than you on a particular day and holding your head high is critical to being a good sport.  You can use those moments to learn from mistakes and as motivation for the next time you meet again.  As a father, I learned very early that you can't make your son do what YOU would do.  Let them be their own person and athlete and most importantly it's about them having FUN and loving sports!  Most importantly, I try to soak in every memory I can because the years are flying by and these are memories myself and my family will reflect back upon with pure joy the rest of our lives!