**  NEW OUT RULE IN EFFECT FOR SUMMER 2021 **  See rules page 

FALL BASEBALL - registration closed

STARTS: Sept. 10, 2021

REGISTER: by Aug. 14, 2021

AGES: 4U-12U

WHERE: The Farm League Park, Gleannloch Farms, Collins Park and Trinity Klein Lutheran Church 

To REGISTER, click here.

4U T-Ball => * NEW for Fall * No scores or standings, just A LOT OF FUN!

5U Soft Toss => * NEW for Fall * This is a great transition from T-ball to baseball.  Designed for Pre-K and K to teach the fundamentals of hitting and fielding.

6U Coach Pitch => Fundamentals of baseball are the focus with this age group, while enjoying the spirit of the game.  The rules are the same as older ages, except the players get 5 pitches and can swing at all 5.

7U & 8U Coach Pitch => Standard coach pitch rules.

9U Blended Kid Pitch => No walks or steals.  Kids learn to pitch, hit a pitched ball, and play with 3 outfielders. Our kids swing the bats! This program lets them develop a foundation for REAL BASEBALL and work on the skills of the game. “No walk turning into a triple style here!”

10U, 11U, 12U Kid Pitch => Standard kid pitch rules.

** Fall all kids age up for 2021-2022 year.  Age is determined by how old they will be on May 1, 2022 **

For more information go to our FAQ page.

BASEBALL ACADEMY info - click here

BASEBALL - Summer 2021

7U WOLVERINES - Gold Champ
8U CARDINALS - Gold Champ
8U CUBS - Bronze Champ
8U HTX - Silver Champ
9U BRAVES - Gold Champ
9U NATIONALS - Silver Champ
6U NATIONALS - champs

BASEBALL - Spring 2021

7U WHITE SOX - Silver runner up
8U BLUE JAYS - Gold Champ
8U CARDINALS - Silver Champ
8U DODGERS - Bronze Champ
8U PIRATES - Bronze runner up
9U ATHLETICS - Bronze Champ
9U RAYS - Gold runner up
9U WHITE SOX - Gold Champ
10U RED SOX - Bronze Champ
10U DIAMONDBACKS - Silver Champ
10U LAKE MONSTERS - Gold Champ
70' INTIMIDATORS - Gold Champ
Senior PHILLIES - Bronze Champ
Senior BRAVES - Silver Champs
Senior PADRES - Gold Champs
6U CARDINALS - Bronze Champs

NEW TURF FIELDS coming soon!

We have been anxiously waiting to tell our families.... it has been hard!!  We have 12 acres next to the park.  We are going to start construction on new fields and MORE PARKING!   These will be 100% turf fields.  Since they are turf we can use for any combination of the sports run at the farm league park.  If you are onsite we will have BIG banners by the baseball fields and new feed store concession stand showing the field layouts.   

A few examples of what we can play on a day:

* 3 baseball fields having 340' and 270' center fields * 1 MLB size field with 400 ' Center field * 8 NFL flag football fields *

* 4 - 7 on 7 fields * 3 softball fields * Between 6-12 soccer fields of various sizes * Lacrosse * Rugby *

You get the idea.  ALSO 200 ADDITIONAL PARKING SPACES plus another way out to Stubner Airline. The current main parking lot has 210 spaces.    What else?  We will have more live stream cameras for all sports, and for our baseball & softball teams...... TRACKMAN!!  Players are going to love the stats, graphics, and game data from the Trackman system. We will be starting construction in the next 30 days.  

There is a new building also shown on plan link.... maybe volleyball & basketball.... that will come after the fields are finished. 


CAMERA CHEAT SHEET    Click here to download a quick cheat sheet for the live stream video cameras and free video vault

Each baseballl field will have multiple views. 

SPRING 2021 Playoff Champions

6U - GOLD Champion, the LAKE MONSTERS(Dodgers, runner up)

      - SILVER Champion, the METS(Orioles, runner up)

      - BRONZE Champion, the CARDINALS (Padres, runner up)

7U - GOLD Champion, the PREMIER BLACK (Tomball Bolts, runner up)

      - SILVER Champion, the TIGER PREP (White Sox, runner up)

       - BRONZE Champion, the RANGERES (Orioles, runner up)

8U - GOLD Champion, the BLUE JAYS (Renegades, runner up)

      - SILVER Champion, the CARDINALS (Mets, runner up)

      - BRONZE Champion, the DODGERS (Pirates, runner up)

9U - GOLD Champion, the WHITE SOX (Rays, runner up)

      - SILVER Champion, the COPPERHEADS (Nationals, runner up)

       - BRONZE Champion, the ATHLETICS (Braves, runner up)

10U - GOLD Champion, the LAKE MONSTERS (Royals, runner up)

       - SILVER Champion, DIAMONDBACKS (Astros, runner up)

       - BRONZE Champion, RED SOX (Cubs, runner up)

70'  - GOLD Champion, the INTIMIDATORS (Titans, runner up)

       - SILVER Champion, the ASTROS (Mets, runner up)

SENIOR - GOLD Champion, PADRES (Cardinals, runner up)

        - SILVER Champion, BRAVES (Astros, runner up)

        - BRONZE Champion, PHILLIES (Marlins, runner up)

7U MUSTANGS - Gold Champs!
7U GRASSHOPPERS - Silver Champs!
8U REDWINGS - Gold Champs!
9U ASTROS - Gold Champs!
9U WHITE SOX - Silver Champs!
10 ANGELS - Gold Champs!
70' COBRAS - Gold Champs!
70' YANKEES - Silver Champs!
6U EMERALDS - Gold Champs!
6U IRONBIRDS - Silver Champs!


   Schedule sync -  There are 3 ways parents can view the schedule and their field locations.  A)  go to "Standings" tab and click their team name  B) go to the "Calendar" tab and select the date and see everything going on at the park that day   C) subscribe to your team.    Schedule Sync is where you can select your team name and click subscribe - and you are done.  All your team info will be sent to Outlook, any calendar program, or your phone.  This is an excellent way you can keep up with the team throughout the year.  Anything that changes on the master schedule is automatically updated on your calendar.   Go to this link and in 2 clicks all games are on your device.   This is a very cool ap and you will like it.

    Twitter and Facebook - We use these aps to get information out quickly.   We will post rain outs, game info, and photos of teams here.  With twitter, set it up where the tweet is sent to your phone as a text. This way you will know immediately of a status change to the games.  EX: You are on a sales call in the galleria and the weather is fine there. However, raining in Klein.  You will get a tweet about the game.  This is a very fast mass texting system we use.   Facebook is meant for the kids and parents to use to highlight their players accomplishments.  Pass along any info and we will get it up.    I have attached a twitter how to guide which makes it very easy to create an account. Please make sure you have the TFL tweets go to your cell phone as a text. ////