P. Alex Jones was born and raised in East Texas where he grew up playing football and baseball and developed a love for team sports. After graduating from Marshall High School, Coach Jones then went on to Texas A&M where he studied Civil Engineering and picked up the game of Rugby. Before graduating from A&M, Alex and his wife Ashley started their family of what would become a full house with three boys and two girls. After playing Rugby in Las Vegas and several men’s club softball teams, Alex began using all his experiences from team sports to coach his eldest son, Hunter, in T-ball. The joys of coaching quickly set in, and Alex continued coaching not only his oldest son, but also his middle son, Cooper, and Sawyer, the youngest son, once they were old enough. 
In 2014, Coach Jones and family moved to Northwest Houston and began playing baseball at The Farm League. After Hunter played two seasons with the Hurricanes, Coach Jones put his coaching hat back on and coached Hunter on the Aggies and assistant coached Cooper and Sawyer on the Mud Hens. As Alex's coaching career grew, he soon coached everything from multiple teams for multiple seasons, to playing all three sons on the same team, to having his eldest son coach Assistant Coach the Aggies, with the younger sons playing. 
About being a coach, Alex says, "The one thing that brings me the most joy in coaching is seeing the growth that happens throughout a season. Growth, not just in the physical sense of skills in the sport, but growth that happens when boys start to become young men. Many families have continued to stay with me over the years and I have had the privilege of walking alongside these young men through many ups and downs. Coaching, for me, is more than teaching a game, it’s about helping people discover more about themselves than they know is there. I love being Coach Jones."