SPRING Baseball Academy

SPRING Baseball Academy - registration is closed

REGISTER: by January 3rd

STARTS: January 7th, 2024 (Jan 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb 4)

WHEN: SUNDAY afternoons for 5 weeks, 4-6pm

AGES: 5U-12U (boys and girls) 


To REGISTER, click here. You will be taken to the BASEBALL REGISTRATION FORM.  First option for "Game Type" is ACADEMY.

PRICING & more info - click here

What you need: Glove, bat, water jug and cleats (no metal)

What to wear: No uniforms are given for ACADEMY since this is a workout format. You can wear anything you want - shirt & shorts/pants.

Rainouts could be made up any day of the week. 

FORMAT - 5 week long camp on SUNDAY nights, 4-6pm starting at The Farm League Park. The academy is focused on TRAINING by area high school coaches and baseball pros that will work on drills to help compliment what they are doing in their team practices.  Not only will they break down the HOW to do a specific skill, but the WHY!  Many players look for short cuts - once they understand the WHY, it makes the game easier.  We want to eliminate bad habits before they start. The players will work on Position instruction, baseball practice drills, techniques, batting, pitching, baseball strategy, and what they need to do to improve are at the core of this program. Players will be split in groups based on age and ability. 

While training the players, we also want the dads to learn from this academy by watching from the sideline. These drills will show the coaches how to run a practice and how they can teach the players the fundamentals.  

To REGISTER, click here.