The Farm League Mudcats were formed in January 2006. We have played 10 Farm League seasons in 7 years. The Mudcats have won 5 Farm League championships.
I stress proper fundamentals. A player cannot be successful long term without proper fundamentals. I try to teach in a fun way with drills and games so the boys don't realize that they are learning only that they are having fun. A lot of teams come and go but the Mudcats have lasted because we play hard and have fun!
The Mudcats have always focused on playing the game the right way and having fun doing it. I firmly believe the results will take care of themselves if youfocus on working hard and having fun. I think our record in the Farm League bears this out.
The advice I would give to young Dads is to remember that your son is playing baseball to have fun. Let him! This is not about you, it is about your son having fun. If you want your son to enjoy baseball and keep playing he has to have fun playing the game in a healthy atmosphere. Always build up, never tear down! Never forget the big picture. You and your son are building life memories. These are the days that are forming what kind of person and father your son will become. Even at age 12 my son talks about how much fun he had "back in the day". He has also taken a large amount of pride and a tremendous number of new friends from his Mudcats experience. He also cannot wait to get back on the field in 2013!