Flag Football

Flag Football

SPRING FLAG FOOTBALL - registration now OPEN!

REGISTER: by March 3rd

    STARTS: March 24th

  GRADES: Kinder-8th Grade 

Games are played Friday nights, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons with some divisions playing Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Playoffs will be the week of May 19th-26th.

To REGISTER, click here.

For more information please view our FAQ page, http://www.thefarmleague.com/faq



We have been anxiously waiting to tell our families.... it has been hard!!  We have 12 acres next to the park.  We are going to start construction on new fields and MORE PARKING!   These will be 100% turf fields.  Since they are turf we can use for any combination of the sports run at the farm league park.  If you are onsite we will have BIG banners by the baseball fields and new feed store concession stand showing the field layouts.   

A few examples of what we can play on a day:

* 3 baseball fields having 340' and 270' center fields * 1 MLB size field with 400 ' Center field * 8 NFL flag football fields *

* 4-7 on 7 fields * 3 softball fields * Between 6-12 soccer fields of various sizes * Lacrosse * Rugby *

You get the idea.  ALSO 200 ADDITIONAL PARKING SPACES plus another way out to Stubner Airline. The current main parking lot has 210 spaces.    What else?  We will have more live stream cameras for all sports, and for our baseball & softball teams...... TRACKMAN!!  Players are going to love the stats, graphics, and game data from the Trackman system. We will be starting construction in the next 30 days.  

There is a new building also shown on plan link.... maybe volleyball & basketball.... that will come after the fields are finished. 



Click here to download a quick cheat sheet for the live stream video cameras and free video vault

Live streams and downloads are all FREE!   Each flag football field will have multiple views from different sidelines and endzones.  ZOOOOOM in when you are watching with your touch screen.


There are 3 ways parents can view the schedule and their field locations.  A)  go to "Standings" tab and click their team name  B) go to the "Calendar" tab and select the date and see everything going on at the park that day  C) Subscribe to your team.    "Schedule Sync" is where you can select your team name and click subscribe - and you are done.  All your team info will be sent to Outlook, any calendar program, or your phone.  This is an excellent way you can keep up with the team throughout the year.  Anything that changes on the master schedule is automatically updated on your calendar.   Go to this link https://www.thefarmleague.com/football/standings/ and in 2 clicks all games are on your device.   This is a very cool ap and you will like it.


4th CARDINALS - Bronze Champ
4th RAMS - Gold Champ
4th WARRIORS - Gold Runner-Up
K RAIDERS - Silver Champ
6th CHARGERS - Silver Champ
2nd DOLPHINS - Gold Runner-Up
4th DOLPHINS - Silver Champ
3rd HTX - Silver Runner-Up
1st HTX - Silver Champ
5th STEELERS - Gold Champ
2nd TITANS - Bronze Runner-Up
2nd ALPHA ELITE - Gold Champ

FALL 2022 - FLAG FOOTBALL Playoffs

5th BILLS - Gold Champ
3rd PACKERS - GOld Champ
1st CHIEFS - Gold Champ
5th BUCS - Silver runner-up
4th TEXANS - Silver Runner-Up
2nd PANTHERS - Gold Champs


4th EAGLES - Gold runner up
4th PANTHERS - Silver runner up
4th STEELERS - Gold Champ
K RAMS - Silver Champ
6th DOLPHINS - Silver Champ
5th VIKINGS - Gold Champ
3rd RAMS - Gold Champ
1st 49ers - Bronze Champ
K RAIDERS _ Bronze Champ
6th RAIDERS - Gold Champ
2nd PACKERS - Gold Champ
4th RAVENS - Silver Champ
K CHIEFS - Gold Champs
2nd CARDINALS - Silver Champ
1st PANTHERS - Gold Champs


2nd PACKERS - Gold Champ
3rd FALCONS - Bronze Champ
4th BROWNS - Gold runner up
5th SAINTS - Bronze Champ
6th PATRIOTS - Silver Champ
4th DOLPHINS - Bronze Champ
4th STEELERS - Gold Champ
3rd BROWNS - Silver Champ
1st PANTHERS - Gold Champs


1st BROWNS - Bronze champ
1st PACKERS - Gold champ
2nd CHIEFS - Silver champ
2nd FALCONS - Bronze champ
Kinder BILLS - Gold champ
Kinder LIONS - Silver champ
Kinder RAMS - Gold runner up
2nd SAINTS - Gold runner up
3rd JETS - Gold runner up
3rd PANTHERS - Silver Tournament
3rd STEELERS - Gold champ
4th PANTHERS - Bronze champ
4th PUNISHERS - Gold champ
4th VIKINGS - Silver champ
5th PATRIOTS - Silver champs
6th BULLDAWGS - Gold champs
6th RAIDERS - Silver champ
6th TITANS - Bronze champ
MS FALCONS - Silver champ
5th RAIDERS - Gold champ
4th BENGALS - Gold runner up
2nd BENGALS - Gold champ
5th TEXANS - Bronze champ
3rd EAGLES - Silver Champ


Kindergarten Bears- Gold Champions                                Kindergarten Giants - Gold Runner-Up


Kindergarten  Seahawks - Silver Champions                       Kindergarten  Jets- Silver Runner-Up

Kindergarten Browns - Bronze Champions                         Kindergarten Ravens - Bronze Runner-Up

1st Grade Chargers- Gold Champions                                1st Grade Packers- Gold Runner-Up


1st Grade Rams - Silver Champions                                    1st Grade 49ers - Silver Runner-Up


2nd Grade Panthers- Gold Champions                             2nd Grade Bengals - Gold Runner-Up


2nd Grade Ravens- Silver Champions                             2nd Grade Raiders- Silver Runner-Up


3rd Grade Cardinals- Gold  Champions                          3rd Grade Eagles - Gold Runner-Up


3rd Grade Steelers- Silver Champions                            3rd Grade Bills- Silver Runner-Up


4th Grade Seahawks- Gold Champions                       4th Grade Vikings- Gold Runner-Up


4th Grade Cowboys - Silver Champions                       4th Grade Patriots - Silver Runner-Up


4th Grade Packers- Bronze Champions                      4th Grade Bears - Bronze Runner-Up                       



5th Grade Cardinals- Giold Champoins                      5th Grade Bucceaneers - Gold Runner-Up

5th Grade Raiders - Silver Champions                        5th Grade Giants - Silver Runner-Up

5th Grade Lions- Bronze Champions                          5th Grade Eagles- Bronze Runner-Up

6th Grade  Semper Paratus- Gold Champions             6th Grade  Bulldawgs- Gold Runner-up

6th Grade Seahawks- Silver Champions                      6th Grade Patriots - Silver Runner-Up

 Middle School Vikings - Gold Champions                   Middle School Texans - Gold Runner-Up


Middle School Patriots  - Silver Champions                     Middle School Ravens- Silver Runner-Up


5 on 5 FLAG - (K-9th) Our primary league and style for the last 8 years. The NFL 5 on 5 program brings in the rushers like 8 man, but they start 7 yards off the line of scrimmage. The QB must still decide what to do under pressure but has an extra second to so. The QB can not run with the ball. ALL PASSING. Both styles of flag make the defenders pull a flag to tackle a player. This is great for the defenders to get in a good tackle position AND allows the ball carrier the ability to JUKE and evade the tackle. Games are on Tuesday nights, Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. 

7 on 7 TOUCH - (4th-HS) This is an offensive game and its primary benefit is for QB and WR routes. There are 7 defenders and 5 WR. Even though 7 on 7 is played as a high school program, it is actually the easiest of the 3 for several reasons. 7 on 7 is a one hand touch anywhere, and the QB has no rusher with 4 seconds to release the ball. Registration begins Dec. 1.

8 man FLAG Tournaments - (HS & Adult) The most challenging is 8 on 8 flag football. A couple of the reasons are 1) it is on a large football size field, 2) multiple rushers start ON THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and can rush the QB . The QB can run with the ball so it makes for a complete game of football with out contact. Every college campus plays this style. TAAF is the state organization and they run leagues and State tournaments for 8 man.

Playing the different styles keeps the players engaged in the game, while learning the many aspects of football.

Want to play some tournaments ?? contact the COLTS

12U COLTS win the 2016 NFL New Orleans regional tournament!!!!

And, qualify for the National Championship Tournament to be held at the Pro bowl in January 2017!!!!!!