REGISTER: by August 14th

    STARTS: September 12th

          AGES: 8U, 10U, 12U

      GAMES: Saturdays and Sunday afternoons, Collins Park, Trinity Lutheran, & TFL

* 6U Girls => play up with 8U Girls Softball  (register under SOFTBALL) or play down with 5U co-ed soft toss Baseball (register under BASEBALL) *

Per the FAQ, rosters will be sent out 1 week after the regular registration closes.

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Girls Softball 8U = > Coach Pitch => Fundamentals are the focus with this age group. Standard “Coach Pitch” rules.

Girls Softball 10U = > Blended Kid Pitch => Learn to pitch, hit a pitched ball, and build a foundation for the game at a learning pace.

Girls Softball 12U = > Kid Pitch => Standard “Kid Pitch” rules.

** Teams are formed based on “friend preference” and/or school zone.  For more info, please visit the FAQ page on our website.

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Softball ACADEMY - Registration OPEN

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Private Lessons at the Woodshed Batting cages

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Update email sent to coaches


I wanted to update you on the baseball and softball season.  We have 5 different plans and 5 different schedules we have already done. These can be adapted to many different scenarios including but not limited to: schools going back April 10, schools going back May 11, schools being canceled completely, schools going back and extending to July for classes.  We have secured more game days. game time slots, and more fields.  In a league with teams playing each other game schedules impact everyone not like a select team playing a tournament. A lot of attention is required.  We are following the guidelines per the Presidents press conference this week.  To give you an idea we can start May 11 and finish games by the end of May based on what we have reserved.

As more clarity comes through we will immediately release the schedule. No one knows or can predict what will happen tomorrow or in 4 weeks.  People will want to get back to normalcy. The first steps will be churches, schools, restaurants,  and youth sports.  We know the kids will be anxious to play, see friends, and get out of the house. When the time comes we will ramp up very quickly. TFL has used many white boards, computer screens,  and software programs to get this done.  I want to thank Tina, Ashley, Leslie, Alan, Sherry, Jon, and Mary for all their time working on this. Additionally the guys at Uscore soccer working with us.

These are bizarre times that no one has ever lived through before.  We all will have interesting stories to tell regarding this years from now.  I am a cup half full guy and even though there is a lot of pain and stress with everyone’s job, family. There is going to be some good that comes out in the future from this. Personally I was surprised how China makes most of our drugs, I find that ridiculous.  This will pass. We will be better & learn.  No one wants our kids to deal with this when they become moms and dads.     

In regards to the park we have plenty of toilet paper, purell, no germ could survive what we did in the bathrooms, and everything here has been cleaned (bleachers benches). Alex and Oscar have done a fantastic job on site.  Also since no one has been here the grass is now a thick jungle ready for games. We hope to get to use the rye more before the Bermuda starts coming in.

We realize youth sports is a small part of life in America.  However, for the kids playing it is a special part of their childhood and time with friends & family.  Parents also make lots of friend connections from youth sports.  They learn a lot about themselves and teamwork on a field. You can tell them we have a plan and they will play again soon!

Coaches we like communicating with you first so you are aware we are ready when we get the OK.  Please relay this to your teams.

Any questions feel free to contact me either by email or cell.  

Thank you

Rob Patterson



Spring 2019 Softball Season!

Pandas 8U team




Diamonds 8U 


12U Fireflys 2016 Spring Softball