When I signed up to coach basketball at the farm league in 2020, I never could have imagined how life changing it would be for my family and I. Coaching kindergartners can be extremely challenging. You are their first coach, they don’t know the rules, how to play the game, or where to even begin. They’re timid, they’re reluctant to try new things and scared to fail.

From their very first practice to their last game, what mark did I make on my players? Did they end the season loving the game more than when they started? Did they have fun? Did they learn the game? Did they improve? Did they learn how to be a good teammate? Did they learn about setting goals and working hard to achieve those goals? Did they gain confidence? If they did all of the above, then they are better equipped for not only sports, but life. Which leads me to a great quote from a great coach.

“A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.”

– John Wooden

I can only hope that through coaching, I managed to change lives. I want to thank the farm league organization for this prestigious honor. I also want to thank all of my players and their parents who made this journey truly amazing. And finally I want to thank my wife Nikki and my family for always supporting me through every step of the way.

“Coach T”