Coach Store

Coach Store

MVP Ring (click to see pic)


$15 each.  At the end of each TFL season, each team will receive 1 free ring to give to their MVP. If you want any additional rings, they are $15 each.

(This does not have to be the top player but the most improved or heart of the team.  How to choose an MVP?   It is up to you.  This can be voted on by your coaching staff OR have your players vote.   Maybe, have the kids write on a sheet of paper who they think would be the team MVP.  How we do our Coach of the Year voting may be a good way for your players too - each player votes for 3 different teammates, a 1st place, 2nd place & 3rd place teammate.  Then assign a point value to each vote and add the points up to see who comes in 1st place.  1st - 3 points, 2nd - 2 points, 3rd - 1 point)

CHAMPIONS Ring (click to see pic)


$15 each.  Available for purchase for your team.

These CHAMPIONS rings can be used as a commemorative award for the team, much like a TROPHY!

Teams who win or are the runner up in the playoff tournament bracket will receive a t-shirt, but anyone can purchase these rings.

7-on7 FOOTBALL - FULL TEAM (spring) - $1579 (closes Jan 13)

Contact LOGAN with any questions:

This option is best if 10 or more players.  You must provide your own uniforms.

(registering online individually is $169 per person and incudes uniform)

HIGH SCHOOL PREP BASEBALL - FULL TEAM (spring) - $1575 (closes Jan 7)

COACH SHIRT/HAT (baseball teams only) - $35 for each set. (not sold individually)

Summer Coaches, ordering ends Monday May 20th.  These orders will take up to 2 weeks to fulfill, after May 20th deadline.



Contact TINA with any questions:

* You will be contacted by The Farm League when your item(s) is ready for pickup.

* No refunds or exchanges, all sales are final.