Lynx Baseball / Softball

About Us

We Don't Just Recruit Players, We Develop Players

Our goals include:

-Attract and retain the finest coaches, teaching the fundamentals of the game, and enhancing each players opportunity to “make” their high school team.

-Maintain competitive schedules for each team that challenges player development.

-Provide access to state-of-the-art strength and conditioning, training, and sports medicine programs that emphasize the health and safety of our athletes.

-Provide superior facilities for competition and training.

-Raise awareness and demonstrate to all our players “what is possible” in life.

-Be steadfast in our commitment to increase self-esteem, awareness and confidence in all our players.

-Strongly advocate academic growth and social growth.

If your athlete has the Attitude, Effort, Desire;  Lynx will make them a better player.