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Parent / player contract acknowledgement

The rules, philosophies, and procedures that Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball will operate under are outlined in the following pages. Please read through each page closely, as we want you to be fully aware of what is expected of our players and parents.

We have built a strong reputation in the travel baseball/softball community and no one player, parent, or coach is going to jeoperdize what we have built.

Goals and Purpose: Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball is a travel baseball/softball program based out of Spring, TX. The program consists of coaches with the right baseball/softball experience, whose goal is to promote the development and character of our players so they will be prepared to take their game to the next level.  We want to attract and retain high character players and families focused on the positive development of each player, as well as be steadfast in our commitment to increase self-esteem, awareness and confidence in all our players.  While focusing on the continued development of players from a baseball/softball standpoint, we strongly advocate the importance of academic and social growth.  We want our players to learn “what is possible” in life.


The Fall season runs from mid-August through December.

A schedule of practices/events/games/showcases (only dates not times or locations) will be provided to you in a timely manner after the start of the season.  You are required to be at all of the scheduled practices/events/games/showcases.  If you are not able to attend any of the practices/events/games/showcases, you will be financially responsible for your portion of the events.  We may ask other players to pick-up with the team and they will not be charged to play.  You will pick up their portion of the practices/event/game/showcase.



* Deposit :If your player receives a roster invitation, a non-refundable deposit as well as a signed contract must be completed on or before August 15th. If your deposit is not received by     August 15th, your roster spot will not be held.  The deposit covers a portion of your dues and initial equipment fee.   The equipment fee includes baseballs and general equipment maintenance.   

    Payment options for deposit:  

    Venmo: @Lynx-Baseball 

    Credit Card: Click on Lynx dues on  Under Lynx Dues click on “Pay Now With Credit Card” and it will take you to the square link. 

*Payments:  3 additional installments will be invoiced from a team manager prior to and due on dates below.   Fees include one (1) field practice per week or cage practice in case of rainout, individual access to cages, as well as coaching fees.  Tournament and/or League registration will be in addition to the Lynx fee.  


    *  Payment will be due by the 1st of the month via Venmo to the team manager on the following dates:   

        September 1, 2019 (coach fees only) 

        October 1, 2019    

        November 1, 2019    

*Full Payment Option:  If you choose to pay in full, please use one of the payment options above, Venmo or Credit Card.  This fee does include the deposit and coaching fees for the season, but does not include the League/ tournament fees which you will pay to your team manager.  

        While players will have access to the fields and cages through the end of December, there is no December payment.

* If payments are not made by the 5th of the month, a late fee will be added to your payment as well as your player(s) will not be able to participate in any future events until payment is brought current.  

* You are responsible for payments regardless of whether or not your player is at practice and/or games.  If a team needs to pick up players due to shortage, then your fees cover the cost of the pick up player.

Fundraising options are available to cover all or some of this expense. Lynx Travel Basebal/Softballl does not require fundraising.  Any funds raised by an individual player/family can be applied towards their fees. This applies to teams as well.  Any funds raised by individual teams can be used at their discretion to pay player fees, tournament fees, league fees, coaches fees etc…

If your player chooses to leave the organization prior to the conclusion of the season, or is dismissed from the team due to rule violations or disciplinary reasons, these fees are non-refundable. Any unpaid fees will be payable immediately upon a players voluntary decision to leave the team.

If you are injured or become injured and are not able to participate for any reason, you are still responsible for your portion of the Fall fees.


If there are gate/parking fees assesed by individual venues, the coaches will be reimbursed by the team.

Each player will be assessed additional coaching fees if the team travels more than 40 miles for any league, tournament, Showcase event.  The additional coaching fees will include reimbursement for mileage and reasonable hotel rates in the surrounding area for the duration of the event.


When your team is playing out of town, each parent is responsible for meals and lodging.  If you are unable to accompany your child, you are responsible for making the necessary lodging and meal arrangements. It is not the coaches’ responsibility to do so. In some instances such as any national/world series events, we may block rooms for our organization to stay at the same hotel, but it’s the parents’ obligation to fulfill the financial costs.


I understand that by violating or not adhering to any of these rules my coach may remove me from the game for an undetermined period of time until he/she sees fit to insert me into the game and/or could result in my removal from the team altogether.

  1. I will respect the game of baseball/softball and its’ rules.  Learn the rules and follow them.  Play the game the right way.
  2. I will attend the mandatory practices.
  3. While at practice or games I will not be a distraction.  I will commit to staying focused on baseball/softball and my player development.
  4. I will wear the proper practice attire ie: Lynx practice shirt, Lynx hat, baseball pants, belt, cleats/spikes unless otherwise instructed by my coach.
  5. I will not use offensive or abusive language.
  6. I will not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, steroids, electronic cigarettes, illegal performance enhancing drugs.
  7. I will sprint on and off the field.
  8. During practice or games, I will not leave the dugout to speak to my parents/relatives/friends unless my coach has given me permission to do so.
  9. I will respect the authority of the umpires, even though I may not agree with his/her calls.  
  10. I will not argue an Umpires call.
  11.  I will not abuse/throw any equipment.
  12. I will not disrespect any of my coaches.  I will listen to their instruction and I will acknowledge in a positive manner, that I understand what they are teaching me.
  13. I will not taunt or humiliate another player. 
  14. I will commit to asking my coaches questions if I do not understand what they are attempting to teach me.  Communication is key. 


If a parent violates any of the following, they acknowledge that they may be removed from any event and/or additional events and that their child may also be immediately removed from that event as well as removed from the team altogether.   Removal from the team for any of the following will result in the forfiture of all Lynx dues.   CHILDREN GENERALLY ARE NOT THE ISSUE WITH YOUTH BASEBALL/SOFTBALL.  MORE TIMES THAN NOT IT IS THE PARENTS THAT ARE THE PROBLEM.

  1. Parents are an extension of Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball.  More importantly you are your child’s role model.  Your encouragement and good example will do more to ensure good sportsmanship and self-discipline than any other influence.  While we all want to win, Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball is more concerned about the development of our youth.  They are our future.
  2. I understand that I have voluntarily decided to join Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball and by doing so understand that I have accepted that during scheduled practice times and scheduled game/event times, I willfully and knowingly release my child into the care and oversight of Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball and its’ coaches. This means I will not interfere with the coaches preparation, instruction, game time decisions (unless I feel irreparable harm may come to my child as a result of Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball or its’ coaches decisions)
  3. I will let the coaches do their job and make my child a better baseball/softball player.  I will not coach my child form the stands during practice or games.   
  4. I and my guests will be a positive role model for my child and will encourage sportsmanship by showing respect, courtesy for all players, coaches, officials, and spectators at every practice, game,
  5. I will not verbally or physically abuse an umpire.
  6. I will accept the umpires calls as they have been made and I will not verbalize my opinions (positive or negative) whatsoever.  
  7. I will not have any interaction with any league/tournament/event director.  I will contact my coach/manager who will represent the team/Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball.
  8. I will not speak disrespectfully of any Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball manager, Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball player, Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball families or opposing manger or opposing player.
  9. I will not recruit existing Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball players/families to play for another existing team or a proposed team.   
  10. I will not enter the dugout or talk to my child during warm-ups, pre-game, game or after the game to talk to my child unless specifically asked to do so by the coach/manager.
  11. I will not carry my child’s gear prior to, at or after practice.
  12. If I have an issue as relates to the team ie: coaching decisions, playing time, positions etc… I will wait 24 hours after a tournament/practice to discuss it with the Head Coach.  I will never address the coach before, during or after the game or practice.  If I am not satisfied with the resolution, I will contact the owner of Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball which will result in a meeting between the Head Coach Parent and the Owner of Lynx Travel Baseball/Softball.  I understand that this meeting may not result in the outcome I desire and accept the outcome.  


Players must have a copy of their birth certificate or photo ID available. Any team can challenge the age of a team member, if there is no record of birth certificate players can be removed from participating and games forfeited. We ask that you have an original copy or digital copy of your child’s birth certificate that you can give to your team manager upon acceptance of the roster spot.


I/We am/are the parent, guardian or custodial person of the above child, in consideration that he/she play baseball or softball with Lynx Travel Baseball LLC.  In the event that my/our child should become ill or injured while he/she is engaged in baseball or softball activities, either during practice, games, tournament, showcase events or while using the Woodshed Batting Cages, I assume all risks and hazards incidental to such participation including transportation to and from such activities/events.  I/we do hereby waive, release, absolve and agree to hold harmless Lynx Travel Baseball LLC, its officers, directors, trainers, coaches, administrators, sponsors, attending physicians and any person transporting my child to and from any Lynx Travel Baseball LLC. activity for any claim arising out of injury or illness or for the administration or failure to administer first aid and or medical attention

Should my child become ill or injured and I/we are not present and cannot immediately be contacted, I/we hereby appoint as legal guardian Lynx Travel Baseball LLC., its officer, directors, trainers, coaches, administrators for the limited purpose of defining, determining the necessity of and authorizing such medical treatment as they deem appropriate. I/We KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES or others, and assume full responsibility for my participation. Lynx Travel Baseball LLC is not responsible for any injuries or damage to property.

By clicking the box below both player and parent acknowledge that they have read and fully understand the terms and conditions listed above.