Spring baseball, softball and academy registration is openThe Woodshed Batting CagesThe woodshed batting cages is offering spring break camps. Visit for informationATTITUDE is EVERYTHING!Academy and Softball registration is OPEN3-14u baseball leagues and high school prep signups are done on the registration link. Season begins Feb 20, 2015. Come as a single or as a team in the boys or girls leaguesAll teams are formed by friend request & school . Our goal is for the kids to play with their friends and classmatesRelentlessnessMotivationInitiativePerspectiveCoach Traub's NewsletterThis issue's theme: GOALSBringing Rec. Baseball BackBy Bill RipkenDrill of the Month - Push Bun The push bunt, when combined with the element of surprise, can be a great way to catch a defense on its heels, to break out of a hitting slump, or to get a speedy runner on base to lead off an inning. Bat to glove DRILL DRILL DRILL VIDEO . Teachable moment How to throw harder ?Click here for some drills on how to improve arm strength Sportsmanship Story from Cal Catching the LOW strike VIDEO of catcher and how to frame a low strikeConsistancy what every player strives forclick here for info from Coach TraubHow to be a successful youth sports parentclick here for a great list that helps us remember what the GAME is all about positioning players for successgreat article click here to read moreAmazing Baseball Play......Don’t try this in little league or college but if you make it to the majors go for it !Routines Story on how sports routines can benefit your playerCal Ripken video trainingCal and Billy Ripken have an extensive video library for you to access on line . Drills and lessons Derek Jeter, "Repetition breeds familiarity. Familiarity breeds comfort. Comfort breeds relaxation and the best environment for achieving success is when you're relaxed." SportsmanshipUSA girls soccer team storyCoach Traub newslettermental side of the game. Great info . Click here to read the newsletter and get the link Coach Traub newsletter TRUST YOURSELF info attachedGreat article on the benefits of youth sports . click here to read a very detailed story regarding youth sports . EXCELLENT