Flag Football

7 Man Rules

USFTL Rules modified for The Farm League K-2 program


Breaking these rules will result in Head Coach ejection and forfeit of game.  ALL BASEBALL FIELDS ARE TURF, and some FLAG FIELDS ARE TURF.

Screen Flag Football (7-Man) = minimum of 3 players at snap.
(If the Offense uses a man in motion and he comes from the line of
scrimmage, there still must be the minimum players on the line at
the snap.)

2. IF a ball carriers knee touches the ground, the ball is dead at
the spot.

3. DIVING: Diving to pull a flag or make a tag is legal. Diving
to block is illegal. .

4. PASSER'S arm in motion and ball is in his hand: the passer is
not down if deflagged. If the arm is in motion the pass is a thrown ball
the result stands.

5. SNAPS: the QB will start with the ball. no center snaps

6 FUMBLES: Dead at the spot.

7 . INTERCEPTIONS: Players can run back to try to get a touchdown. If they
do not score then the intercepting team starts with the ball on their own 10

8. FORWARD PASS: Only one forward pass per down.

9 ROUGHING THE PASSER: An automatic 1st down, plus a 10 yard penalty.
Penalty yardage will be tacked on to any gain. If the defender contact's
the passer's arm, whether or not he/she touches the pass, it is roughing
the passer.

10. OFFENSIVE PASS INTERFERENCE: Loss of down and 10 yard penalty assessed
from the line of scrimmage.

Defensive pass interference: spot penalty automatic first down

11. CHARGING: a player cannot run into a defensive player that is standing
still with position to pull a flag. 10 yard penalty from the spot of the
foul & loss of down.

12. Holding OBSTRUCTION OF THE RUNNER: The defensive player cannot hold,
grasp or stop the forward progress of a runner in their attempt to make a
tag or pull a flag. 5 yard penalty auto first down

13. WHEN A RECEIVER goes in the air for a catch near the sidelines, he must
have at least one foot in bounds when he hits the ground.

14. FLAG GUARDING is a 5 yard penalty from spot and a loss of down.

15. No extra points a touchdown is worth 7 points. Safety is worth 2 points
and the team gets the ball on their own 10

16. The field is 50 X 25 mark on the hash marks with the cones provided.

17. 10 yards for a first down. coaches and parents will need to mark this.

18. Each team will start with the ball on their 10 after a touchdown or a

19 Two 25 minute halves with a running clock. 5 minute half time . Switch directions at half

20. Blocking: contact is not allowed this is SCREEN. If it is excessive the
player will be asked to sit out the rest of the game. The coaches are
encouraged to discuss the player and offer a warning first, then a 10 yard
penalty, then the player will be asked to sit out the rest of the game.

21. Home teams where dark jersey & vistiors light.

22 . QB starts holding the ball 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage. NO CENTER SNAP. Offensive line is ON the line of scrimmage . Defenisve line is 5 yards off the line of scrimmage

Since all Defenders can rush the QB this rule is in place where it gives the QB time to get out of the back field before 7 kids are on top of him .

NO OUTSIDE NOISE MAKERS such as cow bells, horns, whistles, speakers or anything similar.  Cheering & clapping are the ways to support the team and show good sportsmanship.